“You Can Do Anything for 5 Minutes” HA HA HA + Motivation

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Have you ever heard the saying, “You can do anything for 5 minutes”? I’ve heard it a bunch of times (I think they say it on Biggest Loser a lot) and figured I’d apply it to the workout I did yesterday. A lot of people struggle with running (like me, for instance). The workout I did called for a total running distance of 4 miles. WHAT?! In order for me to avoid shying away from trying this difficult task, I figured I’d put the “5 minutes” thing to test. Just to clarify, I would run for 5 minutes and then walk for 1 minute and then keep repeating that cycle instead of running steady the entire time.

It worked… for the first 2 miles. When I was running my final 2 miles though, the 5 minutes at a time actually became too much. The final 2 miles was TOUGH!!!!!! So during that part of the workout, I just started running for as long as I could at the fastest pace I could and then I would start walking to recover for the shortest duration possible. The whole point of these CrossFit WOD’s is to finish them as quickly as you can. Now I can say that I think that the “5 minute mentality” helped because I was able to run 4 miles in 42:50. Granted it wasn’t 4 consecutive miles nor was it pretty…but I FINISHED. I’d like to thank CrossFit Mamas AGAIN for another challenging workout.

I fought for every second to get this finished in under an hour. You can see I barely made it!

4 mile crossfit mamas workout

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 2 mile run: 20:57
  • Rest: 2:00
  • Work: ~13:00
  • Rest: 2:00
  • 2 mile run: ~22:00 (only 1 minute slower than my first 2 miles!)

Total time: 59:13:4

It took just about everything I had not to fall asleep before 8 pm.

After Roger got home from work, he did the same workout:

rog workout

Total time: 55:52

Check out that sweaty body outline! That happened post-workout when he laid on the ground for a few minutes.. well… quite a few minutes. He did the exact same workout but did increase the weight for the squat cleans and he also used his 24″ box for box jumps. And still beat me by a few minutes! I knew he would. ;)

—> If you need a little push, watching this video was great motivation for us – I really love the playlist too!

Believe it or not, I’m psyched to workout again today! It won’t be as tough as yesterday, but I’m ready for it!

Happy hump day!

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