Simple Work Lunch Meal Prep Idea (Cost is $2.27 each)

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I usually get distracted by football on Sundays but since the playoffs started later I had some time to work on my work lunch meal prep.

I attempted a vegetarian lifestyle and created a few meal plans a couple months back but now I’m back to eating turkey, tuna and chicken. Turns out I have a really hard time getting enough protein in without them. That is something I plan to work on.


Work Lunch Meal Prep

Work Lunch Meal Prep - via

The longest part of this entire meal prep was waiting for the green beans to cook on the stove. I used frozen turkey meatballs from Aldi (already cooked), I cut up one bell pepper and dropped a dollop of hummus and then drizzled some bbq sauce on the meatballs and I was good to go.

Total prep time: 20 minutes (including the time for the beans to cook)

Total cost breakdown:

  • Fresh green beans: $1.39
  • Sweet bell pepper: $0.66
  • Hummus: $1.79 (for the entire container, only used about 4 T.)
  • Turkey meatballs: $3.99 (for the whole bag, used less than half of them)
  • Kiwi: $1.24 (about $0.31 each)

Total cost: $9.07 (or $2.27 per meal)


Each prepped work lunch includes:

  • Turkey meatballs with homemade BBQ sauce
  • Fresh green beans
  • Sweet bell peppers + spicy hummus
  • Kiwi


The rest of my meals for the week:

Breakfast: Gluten free oatmeal + blueberries + dollop of vanilla ice cream (YUM!)

Gluten free instant oats

I work with one of my grandpas and he introduced me to adding a little ice cream to oatmeal. Being somebody who doesn’t enjoy the texture of oatmeal, I love how creamy a little ice cream makes it!

Snacks: Almonds + Applesauce

Post workout: Protein shake or chocolate milk

Dinner: Salad + veggies (with either chicken thigh or spaghetti)


Work Lunch Meal Prep via

I find that meal prepping and planning helps me stick to my goals and it really doesn’t need to take a lot of time to make sure my meals are healthy.

Want to read more about meal plans or prep?

I hope you have a great week!

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