When You Feel Like Giving Up (I Wasn’t Far Off)

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I have been a virtual stranger for what feels like a really long time, but more like the last week and a half. I normally find great joy in creating blog posts, checking in on Facebook (sometimes, lol), etc. etc. etc. BUT…this just hasn’t been the case lately. Quite frankly, I feel completely burnt out. I have had zero motivation and not one slight bit of interest in working out for the last 10 days. I think I’ve had two workouts all together. Or maybe just one. I don’t even know.

In recent days I’ve been questioning my blog, wondering if I should just quit. Wondering if I can keep doing this “fitness thing”. And I don’t tell you this out of pity, I’m telling you this because I think we all just get burnt out sometimes AND IT’S OKAY! You can get burnt out on just about anything at times. Your job, being a parent, working out, eating healthy, maintaining a home, keeping up with finances/bills, the list goes on.

I’m experiencing a serious fitness burn out right now. There, I said it!

I’ve been so burnt out with everything related to fitness that I have been getting irritated with posts in my Facebook feed. Now that I think about it, I realize that I probably “liked” way too many pages/people/companies that were fitness related. At first those posts would motivate me, but over time it seems like it just got to be too much. At least for me.

Fitness is not my life. That might be worth repeating. Fitness is not my life. Fitness has been a great part of my life and a good chunk of my life as of late, but I do enjoy other things. And I’ve realized that when I log into Facebook, I just don’t enjoy seeing fitness stuff shoved down my throat all the time. This is one reason I’ve been backing off my own page, which probably isn’t the greatest idea but I’m not gonna force it, you know? That’d be like blogging when I don’t feel like writing or writing when I don’t really feel like I have anything to add that might help someone. That won’t do anybody any good.

{All of the political posts on Facebook haven’t been real pleasant either. I hope everyone can begin to simmer down soon or at least keep some things to themselves. People post such crazy things when it comes to politics. Everyone has the right to their beliefs but damn.}

If you knew how much we spent on food during the paleo challenge, I bet you’d be burnt out too. Ha! I’ll be sharing those numbers with you when I get my final thoughts post up (hopefully early next week).

Personal Things

There are a few other personal things that have been having an effect on me too.

One of those things is the past. I don’t like the past coming back to haunt me. I think we’ve all had dark moments mixed in with all of the neutral days and of course the highlight reel. :) You know what you do when the past rears it’s ugly head? Deal with it so you can move on! For me, that means paying a debt that is technically mine, but not really. Can you see how exciting this is?

The second thing has to do with college. I’m planning on going back to school to get a Bachelor’s degree (I’ll share more on that later), but in order to be formally accepted into the institution I really want to go to, they need my college transcripts from Everest University Online. Everest has been an absolute NIGHTMARE to work with. I have been trying to get unofficial AND official copies of my transcripts since October 10th and I still don’t have anything. Although I’m sure if I wanted to start classes today they could get me in right away!

{Lil’ back story: I attended Everest – formerly known as Florida Metropolitan University, in 2005 to work towards an Associate’s degree in Accounting. That was way too boring so I completely withdrew from classes in 2006. I also had personal things going on in my life at that time that made it difficult to focus on school. I vowed to stay out of school until I was 100% sure of what I wanted to do. Well, that time has come.}


I personally believe that most of the greatest ideas, plans, etc. are met with intense opposition.


*I read the above quote in a Facebook group of the Bachelor’s program I’m hoping to get into and I thought it was so fitting right now and such a coincidence. I needed to hear that.

The third thing would be my sweet cousin leaving on her third tour overseas earlier this week. She’s in Afghanistan with her husband that she’ll get to see on a weekly basis. I’m glad she has him there with her but I’ll be praying lots! Please keep her (Amanda), her husband (Chris) and all military personnel in your prayers if that’s your thing too. They could definitely use ’em.

Sooooo…I guess right now I’m just kind of feeling defeated. You know those days/weeks where it feels like everything is working against you? That’s how I feel. I’m hoping there’s something really awesome waiting on the other side of these struggles. It works that way sometimes, you know. :)

My Plans

In all honesty, I’m not sure what my workouts plans will be at this point. Although I give major credit to fitness (being active) for helping me with depression, I have NEVER been somebody who always looks forward to working out. That is not me and never will be (I guess, if it hasn’t happened by now!). Even when I’m working out regularly, I’m still proud of my 2 to 3 rest days per week. That’s just how I like it. I would honestly rather eat pretty and not workout so much. This is one of the biggest reasons I love CrossFit. Quick, high-intensity workouts that vary every day and combine a good mix of cardio and strength.


I would much rather eat pretty well (75-80% clean, because paleo makes me poor, lol) and be a little extra puffy from eating a little more sodium than to spend money on whole foods 100% of the time and be poor but looking like a fitness model. That’s just how I feel at this point. If I could pay for my food in Monopoly money, it might be a different story, but I’d still make room for Sun Chips (Harvest Cheddar), cookies n’ cream ice cream and vodka/Cherry 7-Up!  -Mindi Friedland

In conclusion, I don’t like to post about serious stuff towards the end of the week but I just had to speak up about this on the blog since I’ve been MIA. I also want to say thank you for the wonderful comments I’ve been receiving (Beena M.!). They really do help lift my spirits sometimes when I feel like giving up myself.

I know I’m not perfect but I know I’m human! I’m not even mad at myself for slacking on workouts. I know I’ll get past it.

When all else fails, make a new vision board. I’ve been known to do that and it usually works! Joyce Meyer helps too. I just love her.

I hope you have a great rest of the week!!

Q. Do you ever get burnt out on fitness?


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  1. Caitlin H says:

    Hey lady. So I read this post this morning as I was walking to work, and all I can say is thank you. I love how honest you were with how you’re feeling, and, more importantly, I love that you’re ok with it and embracing those feelings within yourself. Too often I think we push ourselves to do things we don’t like to keep up appearances or pretend to be someone we’re not, and I love that you both recognize and celebrate who you REALLY are. Lovely way to start the day :)

  2. In order to get burnt out, first you have to get fired up. Since I first discovered your Blog, it seemed you were on fire 24/7. So it is only natural that eventually you would reach this moment. I see a young lady trying to do everything and not let anyone down. That kind of continual pressure would wear down Wonder Woman. Even Superwoman has to prioritize her life. She can’t do it all.
    Marc recently posted…11th video weigh-inMy Profile

  3. I just recently found your blog and this is my first time commenting. Sorry that you have so much on your plate right now. I used to be one of those people that thought I had to work out for a set time every day no matter what. It has taken me a long time to get to the point that if I have a day where I don’t want to work-out, I don’t! Over the past couple of years I have decided that I am old enough and have experienced enough that I shouldn’t force myself to do things that I really don’t enjoy – no matter what those things are! Life is to short to be overwhelmed with things you don’t even enjoy. I hope that you are able to get into school and decide if blogging is still something you enjoy – even if it isn’t always fitness stuff!

    • Thank you for commenting Kim! Lately I’ve actually been thinking a lot about blogging about other things – in addition to fitness. I’m crafty by nature and I like to make things and I’m also really into couponing and frugal living right now. I just keep putting it off because I’m not sure I should blog about it here or start a separate blog. Decisions, decisions! Maybe I just need a new blog title so I can kind of make a fresh start but stay put. :) Definitely something I’ll be thinking about.

  4. Andrea Gurine says:

    Hi there! I just started following your blog about a week ago and thought I would share my thoughts on this recent post. Funny enough I had my ‘burn out’ moment late this summer. Late last winter I really started going gangbusters with fitness and clean eating. It was great, but I think I tried to change too much at once. I was also having problems affording the grocery bill! Then one day I realized I hadn’t worked out for a week! I just needed to stop and breathe and re-assess everything. I pretty much quit everything for about a good 3 months. At first I felt like a complete failure, but then I realized I was being too hard on myself. LIke you said, we are only human. The break ended up being a good thing. I realized I really did enjoy the clean eating and noticed how crappy I felt when I quit the exercising and clean eating. However, maybe I could find a way to eat healthy without going extreme or spending gobs of money on groceries. Also, I need more variety in my workouts as well as shorter training times. I’d much rather be spending time with friends and family then grunting in the gym for and hour and a half! With all this in mind I decided to get back to a healthier lifestyle, one day at a time. Hence the reason I started following blogs like yours! I’ve gotten back to menu planning, except this time it will include healthy recipes that my boyfriend and I can enjoy together. I’m trying new things like Yoga, and loving it, and have set smaller goals for myself rather that big lofty ones. The best thing I did is close my Facebook account. Crazy right? Honestly, I don’t miss it. I used to tell myself I needed it to keep in touch with my out of town friends and family and what an excuse that was. I find I can still keep in touch plenty without Facebook. I do not miss all the annoying over-posters! I guess what I’m trying to say with this amazingly long post is to just breathe. Enjoy the rest, learn from what you did or didn’t do and move forward from there. No one is going to feel you let them down if you don’t post everyday or if you decided to don your sweats instead of your gym shorts. I’m sure you will be appreciated either way!

    • Andrea, I can relate regarding Facebook! I have been on there less and less lately and it feels really, really great. For me, I think it was just information overload and trying to keep up with all of the posts. I just went on a delete/unliking spree and that really freed up my feed which has helped me see more from the people I like to see posts from. :)

  5. I have never commented before. I am one of those lurchers that usually never reveal themselves. But I very much can relate to this particular post. Everyday I check your blog, to see whats new to see what motivation you have or what workout you are doing. Not because I “know” you, but because I admire your reasons for working out, I admire your hot body (I am a girl, just appreciating is all), I admire your confidence in your knowledge of fitness. I admire how real you are & not trying to be something you arent. Thanks for sharing everything you have, but especially thank you for sharing how hard a 100%fitness lifestyle is. I thought I was the only one struggling with the price of things & the consistency of working out…especially when I am burnt out on lots of things in life. And especially when I dont see any changes in my own body. Thanks for sharing. If it is only for me.

  6. Thanks for the honesty! I actually have just recently been dealing with the same burn out issues! And I struggle everyday not to beat myself up to much about it! I was running alot and now I don’t even want to look at my running shoes! I have recently started doing some crossfit workouts and I really like them but I am gaining weight since all that running was keeping me very lean. It’s a real mental struggle to not talk/ think badly of myself and my lack of motivation! I know I will get back to it eventually but hopefully before it gets too out of hand;) ps I really enjoy your posts,either way you go,I enjoy your views on life! Your a very entertaining writer!!

  7. I know exactly how you feel because I’m experiencing the same thing :o( I know it will pass and I will feel motivated again but it’s hard and so defeating when you are going through it. Maybe this is our body and minds way of saying slow down, take a break, regroup. Like they say you have to have your downs so you know you’ve had your ups. Take care x

  8. Tiffany Khleif says:

    Melinda, I think we can all relate to your post about working out. I envy women that can eat what ever they want, and don’t have to mess with working out to burn off those un wanted calories. Your feelings only makes your blog more authentic. I too am into fitness, and health. I would say 75% of the time I force myself to the gym. It is a good habit that is so easy to break. Do you ever have that overwhelming feeling of joy, and happiness once your workout is over? I do, but I am so happy that I did it! I will tell you the longer of the a break you take, the harder it will be for you to get back into it. You have lost your mojo temporarily, but you can get it back. Do you have any buddies that can help motivate you? I am starting a blog Melinda, and I came across yours because I am looking for blogs to link my women to. My blog will be about inspiring women. This way, I wont get bored with blogging only about one thing. Inspiring women can be about fashion, makeup, hair, dating, fitness, etc. If this helps maybe you can do something like that as well. My blog is not up yet, I am only doing research at the moment, but will be in the next 30 days. My website is not finished as of yet.

  9. Beena Miller says:

    Just want to say that everyone focused on fitness and health needs to read this! It’s sooo important to know that it’s ok to just stop if you are burned out and just take a break. Chances are you will get back on the wagon but it helps not to have to stress about it 24-7. I love this post and also love the reminder that its ok to just stop and take in the break from all the fitness stuff. I remember after I had my first child, there a was a period in time when I couldn’t even fathom fitting in a workout routine in my life. I would get super annoyed at all of the fitness posts and just delete them or hide the from my feed…but once I was ready to get back into it, I wanted to see those posts again for motivation. Thank you again for another awesome blog post.

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