Update on My Certified Personal Trainer Studies

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Certified Personal Trainer Assisting Client

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For those who didn’t know, I’m currently studying to become a certified personal trainer. I began my studies in late Spring 2009 and I had hoped to be done no later than late Spring 2010. While it’s still isn’t too late to meet that goal, I’m not sure I will. In between working PT, working from home, having 4 children and all that comes with those things, I haven’t spent as much time studying as I’d like to. There never seems to be enough time in a day. Maybe you can relate? :)

I made the decision to become a certified personal trainer last year so that I could become educated about the many aspects of fitness. My certification is mainly for personal enrichment as I don’t plan to ‘practice’ or work as a trainer (at least not right now), but since I’m also a web writer, it’ll definitely help to add some credibility to my articles that are published online.

With that said, I’m currently on Module 5 out of 8 in total. So basically I’m just over 60% finished. I’ve been studying more lately and putting more time into it than I have in recent months in hopes of finishing up by May. I don’t know that I’ll become certified that quickly, but I want to have all of my exams finished by that time. Once I finish all 8 modules, I’ll be eligible to take the certification exam.

I’m really enjoying all of the reading material, it’s just the time thing. I need to make more time to read and study. I’ve NEVER been great at that.

From this point on, I plan on writing up a progress report here on my blog either bi-weekly or monthly until my studies are complete. I think this will help me to stay focused and motivated to get it all finished. I long for the day I can say that “I’m certified” instead of saying that “I’m studying to become certified”!

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  1. Sushicookie says:

    That is awesome.
    I’m in classes for it too. :) I’ll be done early spring 2010 too!

  2. Todd (PhitZone) says:

    @Melinda, how’s your studying going? Out of curiosity, what organization are you going to be certified through?

  3. Did you make it? :) I think even if you don’t plan on working as a trainer it’s a worthwhile pursuit. It really helps to know the mechanics of the body to make sure that you are using correct form. From what I can see there are two main causes of injuries at the gym: OVERTRAINING!! and poor form.

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