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Sports bras are a must for active women. They help compress “the girls” a bit and make it more comfortable to walk, jog, run, strength train, etc. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review Under Armour’s newest sports bra: The Armour Bra. I love my “job”.

UA Armour Bra Back

The Look:

Never in my life have I been happier to wear a size 34B. And for me, that “B” stands for BARELY! I also love the color blue – tropical blues in particular. Well I was in luck because the Armour Bra is color coded by bra size and 34B is BLUE! I really love the look of this bra. Bra sizes A-C have a keyhole in the back with a closure of that like a regular bra strap. The larger cup sizes do not have a keyhole and have two straps like your typical everyday bra. I would imagine this is a great feature for those with larger busts who need more support. However, I can’t comment on that.

The Feel:

The Armour Bra has an amazing feel to it. It was very comfortable and I experienced NO chafing. You know how some sports bras rub against your armpit/side area and you get chafing? I didn’t get any. Woo! The seams are all flat and it felt awesome against the skin. No complaints here at all.

The Experience:

As a whole, I love the Armour Bra. I used it for two different workouts including Les Mills Pump Revolution (strength training, high reps – low weight) and Turbofire’s Greatest HIITs (high impact cardio). The bra itself stayed in place – there was no slipping or creepin’ up. AND, it wicked away the sweat in both workouts and never felt “wet”. I felt dry through the entire duration of each of those workouts.

The Gripe:

It’s hard to say anything negative about the performance or look of this bra but I do have one gripe: putting it on. It easily goes over my head, but it’s somewhat difficult (or maybe awkward is a better word?) to pull down and clasp in the back. I also felt that the bottom band rested higher than other sports bras I have, but there was no “under-boob” or anything. Just felt different in that aspect.

Okay, one more gripe is the fact that the bras are color coded. Although I was happy with the blue, it would be nice to be able to choose which color you receive instead of having it based solely on bra size as you can see in the following image:

UA Armour Bra Fit Guide

Still, the colors really are great, it’d just be nice to be able to choose which one you get.

Overall, the UA Armour Bra is really fantastic when it comes to look, feel and performance. That’s not always easy to find in a sports bra. If you’re happy with the color choice for your size, this bra would be a great choice for any type of workout.

 I was given a complimentary UA Armour Bra to review, however I was not compensated and all views expressed here are my own.

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  1. I am not a fan of not being able to pick the color you want either! Also, the price is a bit, well, pricey. I don’t pay that much for 3 of the bras I buy right now……… Thanks for the review though. I am always looking for that “better bra”!!

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