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Chalene Johnson has released a few brand new TurboFire workouts which are available now and guess what? It is INCLUDED in the complete TurboFire workout program. If you already have TurboFire, you can purchase the TurboFire Starter Pack separately too.

Chalene has said that the Turbofire Starter Pack is for those who want to do Turbofire workouts but aren’t conditioned enough or coordinated enough to make it through the workouts in the full Turbofire workout program. The newest Turbofire workouts (outlined below) are perfect for those new to Turbofire, but is also for those who just want something that is low impact.

I think it is awesome that she created these more “basic” workouts so that the people who were a bit hesitant to try Turbofire can start with the basics. Just because the moves may be easier to “get” at first, doesn’t mean the workouts will be. You can bet I’ll be trying them out to see if they’re truly for beginners. And since the Starter Pack is included in the complete set now, that’s what I’ve ordered. (so excited!!) I have done Turbofire Greatest HIITs but have never done any of the others yet.

I’ve been incorporating TF & Insanity with Pump for added cardio so I’m really excited that I’ll have even more choices for cardio. Cardio is something I struggle with but TF & Insanity are something I’m enjoying so far so that is GREAT NEWS. I admire all you runners!

Chalene Johnson Turbofire Starter PackFirestarter:

  • Slowed things down
  • Lower intensity
  • For those who may be less conditioned
  • For those who aren’t very coordinated or slower to learn choreography (hi, that’s me!)

HIIT20 & HIIT 25

  • Completely low impact – NO JUMPING
  • HIIT is a must-do for fat-burning
  • Includes a high-impact modifier
*I rave about HIIT workouts and had to post about these because HIIT training is so effective!

Ab Ignitor

  • Targets your body’s complete core
  • Inner thigh
  • Outer thigh
  • Back
  • ABS
(Sold separately)  TurboFire Base or Deluxe Kit – TurboFire Starter Kit is INCLUDED with either of these kits at no additional cost! Ab Ignitor is not currently included with the TurboFire Starter Pack.
Have questions? Let me know. =)
==>Click here for more details on the complete TurboFire program and how to purchase both TurboFire and the TurboFire Starter Kit at no additional cost!

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