The Doctor Said I’m Fine [Depression Song by Chloe Adams]

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Amidst the everyday drama on Facebook sometimes I’m able to find some real gems.

I was originally going to post another weekly workout recap today but this morning I came across a video by Chloe Adams and I knew I had to share it however I could. I will share a weekly workout recap very soon I just think this is more important at the moment.

Anyone who deals with depression will be able to relate to this song. And if you don’t personally deal with depression but you know somebody close to you who does, this song will help you understand a little bit about how they feel and what they’re going through.

Depression is so much more than feeling sad. If I could put depression into words it’d be more like feeling nothing at all.

I hope you enjoy this song.

The Doctor Said I’m Fine by Chloe Adams


The Doctor Said I’m Fine Lyrics

I’ll be lost inside my head

Bad thoughts til am

Then I’ll try to sleep

And I can’t tell anyone

Im so scared they’ll get up & run

So I Don’t speak

And oh, I miss when we were younger

The days were so much funner

Weren’t they


Oh, I book a new appointment

Its Another disappointment

They’re all the same.same.same.

When the doctor says I’m fine

One at morning, one at night

These pills will help you remember how to smile

But what does he know, Because i feel so alone

And mom & dad both tell me I’m alright Cus the doctor said you’re fine

My own mind can lie to me

They all say its anxiety

But I. just think its me

Now I’ve lost so many years

My pillow’s a tissue For my tears But you, never see

And now, I can’t even eat my dinner

Mom says I’m getting thinner Am I?

[Repeat Chorus]


If this video has touched you in anyway or inspired you to share it, please do!

With all the stigma associated with mental health every share helps to bring more awareness to people who don’t understand.


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I hope you’re having a good week!

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