The Diet Solution: Learn Why Diets Keep You Fat & PREVENT Weight Loss

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The Diet SolutionThe number one all natural diet and nutrition program on the internet some say, is The Diet Solution.  If you follow their program, the creators of the Diet Solution maintain that you can burn off 10% of unwanted body fat within the first 30 days on the program.  Diet Solution’s goal for all that want to lose weight is to not only achieve your weight loss goal, but to maintain and keep the weight off.

I have noticed A LOT of people talking about this Diet Solution Program, so I decided to check it out myself.  There is a helpful and informative video on their website, so I decided to learn a little more about the program.

Here’s the scoop on the Diet Solutions program:

First Impressions

Their video is simple, easy to understand and breaks their program down into layman’s terms. They even try to make their video a bit humorous by having stick figures and actual pictures of the team who created and designed their entire program, their names are Jeff and Isabel.  Isabel is a certified nutritionist and fitness specialist and has helped countless people lose that unwanted weight.

Many people who have followed the Diet Solution Program have posted their own testimonials on the company’s website for all to read.  Everyone who posted can not stop talking about how much weight they have really lost.  Even Isabel’s mother posted her own testimonial about how it has improved her overall health and how if it wasn’t for her daughter’s help, she would not be as healthy as she is now.  All the testimonials on the website rave how easy it is and that they will never go back to eating the way they did before starting the Diet Solution Program.

How Does The Diet Solution Program Work?

The Diet Solution follows these three easy concepts:

  • Knowing Which Foods that Accelerate Fat Burning
  • Knowing Which Foods Prevent Fat Burning
  • Putting certain Foods Together to Create that Fat Burning Effect

By following their three concepts, the Diet Solution Program states that you can lose 3 -10 pounds during the first month and keep losing weight there after.  After reviewing their video they were not super specific on which exact foods fall into those three categories.  But they did address the following in their video, which gives you a better idea on which products and foods to avoid:

  • Sugar is your enemy – Diet Solution’s states that sugar is found in many of your everyday foods, such as orange juice, muffins, salad dressing, breads.  Their solution is to avoid these foods in order to maintain your blood sugar level so your body will burn away unwanted fat.  If you have a consistent high blood sugar level, your body then produces insulin, which makes your body store fat. If you keep it maintained then you will burn away fat.
  • Carbohydrates are not the enemy, it is just deciding which ones are better to eat than others.  Fruits and vegetables for example, assorted grains such as quinoa and sprouted grain breads are all wonderful and powerful carbohydrates.
  • Processed foods should be totally avoided.  Most processed foods contain high levels of sugar and other unwanted and unneeded chemicals.  Because of these additives, it makes your body work harder to process these foods down rather than having your body focusing on the breakdown of fats.
  • Understanding which fats are good and which fats are bad.  Diet Solution’s says that eating good fats will help you burn stored fats, while eating bad fats will keep storing unwanted body fat.  Those bad fats include:  hydrogenated oils, margarine and vegetable oils just to name a few. However, those good fats are found in real foods such as:  nuts, avocadoes, olive oil, eggs and butter.

Although you just get a taste of what their program entails by viewing their website and their comprehensive video, you can purchase the entire Diet Solution Program. Here is what you’ll receive when you put down your $47.00 for the program.

  • The Diet Solution Manual – everything you need to know in order to get started
  • Metabolic Typing Test – assess the necessary calories you actually need for your body
  • The Diet Solution Success Journal – allows you to track your progress
  • The Diet Solution Food Shopping Guide
  • The Diet Solution Quick Start Guide
  • Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat
  • Diet Solution Recipes
  • Complete Done For You Meal Plans Book

Jeff and Isabel are so certain that you will lose weight within the first 30 days on their program they stand behind a 100% money back guarantee if you are at all not satisfied with their program.  Although many have claimed they love the program, you’ll never know unless you decide to try it for yourself. It has helped Isabel and it can help you too.

—> The Diet Solution Program: Learn why diets keep you fat & actually PREVENT weight loss.

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  1. I think that the Diet Solution Program is no different than any other of these diet programs out there. Yes, these programs do work and ususally show quick and immediate results if you stick with them rigorously. However, like most diet programs, after a while, people tend to slack off and all of their hard work fades away. You need a “lifestyle” change for permanent results! Yes, you need to know which foods to eat and which foods you should avoid. However, you need to stick with making healthy decisions and healthy choices permanently. Let us not forget that mixing in daily exercise can really improve your health and results! I am not saying that this diet program is a bad one, because I think that it really is a well designed program. However, until you make a commitment to sticking with choosing healthy choices and exercising on a regular basis, these programs will not lead you to the life long results you strive for. I hope my class at New Orleans Boot Camp are ready to make life long improvements!

  2. Nice post great info on diets

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