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Summer is officially here! Our kids’ summer vacation is now underway and craziness has commenced! This summer is going to be busy to say the least. I’m working part-time in my previous position as a fill-in office manager and now I also get to work with one of my little sisters. :D I plan on working 3 days a week and then staying home with my kids the other two days to do fun stuff together. I actually miss

In my last post I mentioned that I had started a new workout that I’ve been really enjoying and I wanted to share it with you here today! I think it’s a great workout for summer because it’s only 3 days per week and the workouts take anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes at most.

StrongLifts 5 x 5 Workout

The gist of this workout is to do 5 sets of 5 reps for each exercise and there are only 3 exercises per workout which include squats (every workout!), overhead presses, deadlifts, barbell rows and bench presses. I’m not gonna get into the nitty-gritty details because you can find everything you need to know right here.

Why I’m lovin’ it:

  • Quick workouts
  • Simple yet effective movements
  • Full body movements
  • Builds strength
  • Has a FREE app to go with it that’s SUPER easy to use (iPhone or Android)

Here’s a peek into the app:

StrongLifts 5x5 App Screenshot

I believe this was the very first workout I did.

As instructed, I started out at their recommended “beginner weights” since I haven’t done a 5 x 5 style workout for awhile. I wanted to be on the safe side – especially since squats are done 3 times per week. I was excited to be able to increase my weight by quite a bit after the first week of workouts! We just started week 3 yesterday.

What I love about the app:

  • Lists the workout
  • Lists the reps and weight (weight can be modified!)
  • Lets you check off each set so you don’t lose track of how many you’ve completed
  • Has a rest timer right inside the app that begins as soon as you check off your completed set
  • When you hit finish, it’ll show you your next scheduled workout

If you’re looking for something simple, want to get back to basics or you’re just interested in strength training, I highly recommend this workout – to anyone. It’s only 3 days per week and you can easily incorporate other activities into your workout schedule. Ya know, like, cardio (BARF!).


And the fun planner news I have to share with you today is that my all-time favorite daily planner is being released today! I’m a huge planner nerd (I love all things paper, stickers and writing) and have been loving planners since I was a little girl. Ya know, when I never really had any plans. Hahaha! Last summer I took a chance on the Erin Condren Life Planner after receiving a coupon for $10 off my order and this is the first planner I’ve actually stuck with. I love it!

I did get the 18-month planner last summer so I still have six months left in it. However, I had some credit in my account and opted for a brand new cover to share in the excitement!

I decided on this one:

erin condren life planner coupon

Since the Erin Condren Life Planner covers are interchangeable I can remove my current cover and put this one on to make it feel like new again. I’m completely excited to get my hands on this!

If you’d like to save $10 on your order please feel free to use my referral link. In full disclosure, this will give you $10 off your order and also provide me with a $10 credit to use on a future purchase. It’s a win-win! ;)

Side note: The launch of the latest planners is always crazy. You can expect shipping to take approximately 1-3 weeks and you will receive e-mails regularly that reflect the progress of your order which I hugely appreciate. This year they actually have ready-to-ship planners that come with a general cover and a coupon for a complimentary customized cover that you can order later on (but will have to pay shipping for also).

That’s all for now peeps! I hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday.



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