Rugged Maniac: Twin Cities ’13

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In the past 18 months I’ve done my fair share of fun runs. They got kind of addicting but my absolute favorite probably has to be Rugged Maniac. I ran it for the first time last fall and then we just completed it for the second time last weekend. Yep, still tough!

The course did change but there were also several obstacles that were the same.

The trenches of mud are one of my favorites just because you get so dirty but this year it was almost too long:

Photo taken at 10:47 Register for Rugged Maniac at

That stuff is stinky! And every time we moved it sounded like a fart and smelled like a mad skunk pooping.

My favorite part was the slide.

They lubed you up with soap and sent you on your merry way:

Photo taken at 11:13 Register for Rugged Maniac at

I love that we’re both in this picture. :)

And here’s when I thought Roger and I were gonna collide:

Photo taken at 11:13 Register for Rugged Maniac at

We didn’t.

This year there were three rows of flames to jump over and I swear the flames were higher this time. I could be wrong.

Photo taken at 11:06 Register for Rugged Maniac at

It looks like I’m trying to reach for the sky!

And here was my 3rd favorite part:

Photo taken at 11:23 Register for Rugged Maniac at

The finish!

And the look on my face says it all. I was happy to be done!

You have no idea how tempting it was to roll down that final hill. Some people did but I didn’t wanna get trampled or puke all over myself so I stayed on my feet.

Overall, it was definitely another great experience to be had at Rugged Maniac!

If you’re interested in running an obstacle race for fun, this one is a great challenge and my favorite obstacle/mud run so far! You can check to see if it’s coming to your area at Oh yeah, and a big thanks to Rugged Maniac and Marathon Sports for letting us download our photos for free this time around! ;)

Q. Have you ever done a fun run? Which was your favorite?

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