Rediscovering Therapy at the Bar

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Well this morning was definitely an interesting one! On my way to bring the kids to school we had to go through a detour and traffic was SUPER crazy. Basically everyone had to go the same route to get anywhere and we’re all trying to weave through a tiny town during rush hour. Things get even more exciting when ginormous 18-wheelers are trying to turn down a 2-lane street where you’re occupying one of them. Instead of a 10 minute ride to school, it turned into about 30 minutes of hell with a mixture of laughs and swears. Whoops! Turns out a condemned building had been on fire overnight right in downtown. Thankfully nobody was hurt and now that that craziness is all done with… it’s time to turn on the coffee drip and talk about yesterday’s workout!

Like I mentioned yesterday I am changing up my workouts quite a bit and getting back to basics with the barbell. There’s just something about a barbell that makes me feel really strong and I’ve been missing that a lot lately since I’ve been doing mostly Beachbody workouts for the past couple years. It was time for a change so I headed down to the basement yesterday for my first workout down there in a long time (besides running on the treadmill). A dedicated workout space just feels so different from the living room! I loved it.

First I laid down on the bench to be sure the bar was where I needed it.

When you lay down on our flat bench and look up this is what you see:

therapy squat rack

I forgot Roger had done that before so it was a fun rediscovery and great reminder. :)

It brought me back to the beginning of my fitness journey and reminded me how important it has been in overcoming depression.

Roger also dubbed our homemade squat rack the C.T.T. Rack or “Cheaper Than Therapy Rack”

squat rack therapy

It couldn’t be more true!

I’m so thankful for fitness and even though I have days where I struggle to get motivated, I know I’ll feel better as soon as I begin and that really helps on the days I feel less than stellar.

The workout

It’s based on a CrossFit Mayhem workout but I subbed in crunches.

Barbell bench press: 3 reps every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes (at approximately 75% of my one rep max)

  • Used 75# and I was thrilled about that! Also made me realize I need to work on my shoulder strength.

5 rounds for time:

  • 10 deadlifts
  • 15 box jumps
  • 20 crunches

50 weighted burpees (added these at the end to keep inching closer to the 15,000 goal)


I was a little shaky with my first few box jumps but soon quickly everything seemed to fall into place again. After I finished I was completely exhausted and I had that burning feeling in my chest (the one that tells me my endurance sucks, haha). I’m feeling it in my chest and quads today for sure.

Okay, time to get movin’. I’m so excited to open the windows and shut the heat off… it’s supposed to be 60 today! I wouldn’t mind if this weather kept up through the end of the month when my birthday gets here. Just sayin’. ;)

I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

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