Quickie Weekend Workout: Rowing and Deadlifts

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One thing I’ve noticed about living an active lifestyle is that it really helps you want to do better in all other areas of your life. For me it just clears my head and really gets me to focus on the positive and what I can do to improve myself and my life. Fitness has made me a better wife, mom and daughter and it has helped me face new challenges and do things I probably never would have otherwise. I decided to try a different kind of challenge to kick-off 2014 and now I can officially say that I’ve started the 52-week money challenge! I created my first deposit a couple days ago so I’m on my way! It takes a couple of business days to post but I promise it’s there. I’m doing this challenge backwards so I started with $52 and the deposits will then get smaller towards the end of the year.

I have a feeling I might surpass the $1,400 goal I’ve created. After depositing $52 in one week, I don’t find it necessary to aim for a $1 deposit at the end. You know? As long as I meet the minimum for the challenge, I’ll be happy but ultimately I’d love to surpass it!

They say that you should decide on something specific that you’re saving for to make it less likely that you’ll transfer the money back out, but I’m okay with this simply being a challenge to save! I’ve gone ahead and chosen a combination of Christmas gifts & savings. I found a lot of great deals at the end of 2013 and am looking forward to more deals at the end of this year so that is what the money will be for. If there’s any amount leftover, I’d love to buy a new entertainment stand for our TV or buy a new sectional.

Either way…I am not touching this account until after December 31, 2014 (unless life throws something really wicked my way…let’s hope not)! Who knows? Maybe I’ll just continue to build on it next year. I love a good challenge and find them to be very motivating.

52 week money challenge


I tend to skip weekend workouts but I’m trying to get into the habit of doing them. I guess all I need to do is find a workout that excites me and my husband found one for me that he thought I’d like.

He was right!

Rowing and Deadlifts Workout:

rowing and deadlift workout

I did this for time (so, as fast as possible). It’s basically a full body workout with an emphasis on legs. You could easily add in a few push-ups to round it out a bit more with some chest work. I just post workouts the way I did them – you’re always free to change it up to suit your needs.

Total Time: 23:28

If you thought you couldn’t get in a great workout in under 25 minutes, this is one to try! A quick weekend workout option is always nice to have in case you’re short on time or just feeling like you wanna push hard and be done faster. I can still feel the arm workout I did the other day but it was nice to get some leg work done too. Keep track of your time and then try this workout again in the coming weeks or months to see if you’ve improved and by how much.


Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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  1. Hi ,My question is that i would love to buy a rowing machine, do you have any advice, as to buying a machine, and i have some back issues, do you think it would be difficult for me because of this ?

    • Hi Debbie,

      Im not sure what your back issues are but I do know that rowing will help strengthen the muscles in your back. A lot of times back pain can be attributed to weak muscles but again, Im not sure of your personal back issues.

      We got ours from Fringe Sport but you could also try a local used sports equipment store.

      Hope that helps a little :)

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