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Lifting Makes Me Happy is a PR friendly blog maintained by its owner, Mindi. I enjoy reviewing products and services and sharing things I love. I’m also open to sponsored giveaway opportunities for my readers. Please see more detailed information below.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please fill out the short form at the bottom of this page.

Product/Service Policy

  • Full-size products (or full access) only.
  • Products that require testing will not be returned.
  • If my honest opinions of a product are not favorable to the company, I will contact them (or the PR firm). I will not post a negative review.
  • All reviews will be posted on this blog and can be found in the “Reviews” category. I will also share the review post via social media outlets and include a graphic image with a link on my sidebar to the actual giveaway post throughout the duration.
  • Sponsor must provide instruction on what to link to in the review post. I will always link back to the product and/or company website.
  • Reviews will be posted within 2 to 6 weeks depending on what is being reviewed. If a post is requested by a specific date, please specify up front.
  • I’m open to a variety of products but prefer items that are related to health, wellness, fitness, parenting/kids and mental health. Items I welcome for review include but are not limited to: workouts, books, food items, apparel, apps and gadgets.
  • I do not accept supplements.

Giveaway Policy

  • Giveaways will run for a period of 1-2 weeks depending on the item unless there is specific instruction from the sponsor.
  • All giveaways are run through a giveaway tool and winners are selected randomly using those tools.
  • Sponsors are required to ship giveaway items to the winner at no cost to the winner. (Sponsors must pay costs for shipping, customs, etc.)
  • Once giveaway winner is chosen, I will contact the sponsor as well as the winner via email.
  • I will provide giveaway participants multiple options to enter the giveaway. Sponsor must request specific entry types if they are required. Example: A specific blog comment that answers a question, etc.
  • Sponsor must specify eligibility for the giveaway. (Worldwide, U.S., Canada, etc.)
  • Giveaways that do NOT include a complimentary item will be subject to a fee.

Giveaway Winners Policy

After the giveaway has ended, I will promptly notify the sponsor and giveaway winner(s) as well as post the winner’s on the blog for all participants to see. I cannot be responsible for items that aren’t received by the winner. Sponsors are responsible for all shipments and I would hope that they would assist a winner in the best manner possible if an item is not received.

Thank you in advance for adhering to the policies specified above!

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