On My Nightstand: “Off Balance” by Dominique Moceanu

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I have been a gymnastics fan since I can remember. There’s just something about the sport that has always been inspiring to me, though I don’t think I ever wanted to actually be a gymnast myself.

The first competition that really caught my eye, along with the eyes of many people, were the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Georgia. That’s when the U.S. Women’s Olympic Team won Gold for the first time in history.

My favorite gymnast was teeny, tiny Dominique Moceanu. I think probably because she was my age. I still remember her “Devil Went Down to Georgia” floor routine and when Kerri Strug performed her final vault attempt with a sore ankle and miraculously landed upright, somehow.

Seriously, what happened to gymnastics being this fun:

After the 1996 Olympics, I always wanted to see more of Dominique in competition and after a few years I started wondering what happened to her. I just never really heard about her again after that. It’s always been in the back of my mind whenever the Summer Olympics have come and gone since that time. What happened to Dominique?

When I heard that she had written a memoir, I was excited. I hopped over to Amazon and made the purchase right away. I couldn’t wait to read about her life and what had come of her. Turns out, she was going through a LOT in both her personal and professional life.

“Off Balance” is the story of Dominique Moceanu.

off balance dominique moceanu

It took me only 4 days to read this book. I could’ve finished it sooner but never really wanted it to end. I was completely fascinated by it.

I was completely taken aback by all of the things that Dominique had gone through in her life up until this point. Her story really opens your eyes to the sport of U.S. Gymnastics and the bureacracy of it all. Although this is just one elite gymnast’s opinion of how the sport is operated, I don’t think she has any reason to lie. I admire the fact that she’s so open about it in her book and I hope that it inspires changes to be made – even if further down the road.

I highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of Dominique’s or even just a fan of gymnastics in general. It’s a light, easy read that had me in tears by the end.


Another day of TWO workouts!

Yeah, TWO! It was shoulder day for me (Body Beast) and then after that I did TurboFire HIIT 25. One of my favorite HIITs from TF Greatest HIITs was on there too. Here’s my first attempt at TurboFire’s Greatest HIITs. It’s laughable. ;)

Unlike TurboFire Fire 30, I knew what I was doing during HIIT 25 – for the most part. TurboFire definitely gets more fun as you get to know the moves. Chalene’s energy is incredible.

We’re not just changing your body, we’re changing your destiny. – Chalene Johnson

I really took that comment to heart because it’s so true. Getting in shape or even losing weight isn’t just about just losing the weight and then stopping, it’s a complete lifestyle change. You have to make a lifestyle change to keep those changes! If you revert back to the old you, the weight will follow you.

When it comes to a lifestyle change, you can expect life to be different – for the better! You might find that you spend less time with certain people but if it means you’re healthier and happier with yourself and with your life, there’s nothing wrong with that. Life is too short as it is and it goes by fast. Make the most of it!

Q. Have you read a good book lately? What was the last book you read and couldn’t put down?

xo Mindi

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