My Dog Won’t Jump on the Trampoline ❤

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Life is good.

When you look for the positive that’s usually what you’ll find.

We finally hit 70 degrees this last week.

I’m holding on to two A’s – if I can hold these for another 2 weeks, I’ll have straight A’s my first semester at Liberty. Woo!

I put my dog on the trampoline this weekend. Have you seen the video floating around of the bulldog doing flips and stuff on a trampoline?


Well mine didn’t do that. Haha.

We have a mini bulldog (and an olde english bulldog) so I had to plop our little guy up there to see what he would do. The results were not the same but it still made us giggle! He just kept trotting around happily looking for the exit. I guess I don’t blame him? He’s used to walking on ground that doesn’t bounce.

mini bulldog trampoline

He does do this one weird thing where if we say, “Zuki, do your trick!” and then he spins around in the air. I snapped a couple of still photos and they made us giggle too.

This is him getting ready…

mini bulldog twirl

And here he is mid-twirl …

mini bulldog twirl 2

What would life be like without animals?! Bor-ing.

I hope these at least made you smile a little bit!


Wanna know what else makes me smile? I did 6 STRAIGHT DAYS OF CARDIO LAST WEEK and I didn’t even hate it that much. What??? I alternated HIIT and steady cardio each day and did my strength workouts just prior to my HIIT workouts. Even for steady cardio I didn’t really stay steady…I get far too bored on the treadmill doing that so I played around with the on-board workouts on my treadmill to mix it up.

lift weights faster cardio

He he he… story of my life!

Getting ready to do a ChaLEAN Extreme workout this morning. I miss those quick but tough strength workouts!

All is still going well in my workout world. I think the warmer weather has been a great motivator lately. Too bad it’s supposed to sleet or something in the next couple of days. Make up your mind Minnesota!!!!!

Anyway, wishing you a happy and productive week!

Working out today? Post yours below!


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  1. Your Zuki is so cute!!! Love the twirl pics!

    You did 6 days of cardio!? Holy crap am I jealous! Way to go!

    Today I walked for an hour on my lunchbreak outside. The next week is supposed to be complete crap, so I took advantage today. Make up your mind Minnesota is right!!! I think I’ll do some upper body strength training after work. :)

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