Melinda’s Mi-Bra Review

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Mi-BraThe Mi-Bra is unlike any other sports bra you’ve probably ever seen. Sure, it’s designed similarly to all other sports bras but with one exception:

It has a pocket for your iPod!

Being that a pocket is not going to make or break a sports bra, let’s get into the overall review of the Mi-Bra.


The Mi-Bra is made up of 90% organic cotton and 10% spandex to allow stretching. It is one of the most comfortable bras I have ever owned, period. The fabric is soft and when I wear it, I can’t even tell. With some sports bras the elastic band underneath your bust can get uncomfortable but that isn’t the case here. At least in my experience.


Active girls need a good amount of support to keep their boobs in check (I don’t like the word “breasts”, I like “boobs”). The Mi-Bra provided me with plenty of support, even during high-intensity interval training. It held up throughout my sprinting intervals and works perfectly for weight lifting and other activities as well including soccer and basketball.

Keep in mind that my personal cup size is a “B”. I can’t really say how much support this bra will give for somebody with a larger cup size but I can say that there’s a great chance that the Mi Bra will work for girls with C or even maybe D cups as well.

Storage Space

The most unique aspect of the Mi-Bra is the fact that is has a small pocket right in the front where you can store your iPod and stay connected while you’re on the go. I’ve tried running with it on my treadmill and it worked nicely – I was completely hands-free and I liked it better than using one of those arm bands made for iPods. In addition to your iPod, you could also keep a couple dollars in there or your debit card if you wanted to and you won’t have to worry about anything falling out.

Price & Availability

When shopping for sports bras, it’s not uncommon to find bras in the $40 or even $50+ range. The Mi-Bra currently retails for $20 and I would rank it in the top 3 of all the sports bras that I own. This bra is currently only available in the color black but the color selection will probably grow with time. I personally prefer black sports bras anyway – there’s no way in hell I’d wear a white one while working out, that’s for sure. The sizes available include small, medium and large. Again, I’m a “B” cup (32 B)  and I found that the small worked perfectly for me. I’m generally a Small in all other sports bras too.

What I Like Best About the Company Behind the Mi-Bra:

After you have gotten use out of your Mi-Bra, you can return it to the company to get 25% off your next Mi-Bra purchase. They will then either donate your sports bra or recycle the fabric and use it in the creation process of new Mi-Bras!

*Learn more or shop for your very own Mi-bra.

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