Les Mills PUMP Review: BodyPump Workouts You Can Do At Home

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Familiar with BodyPump? BodyPump has been around for over 20 years and is the #1 group fitness class taken at gyms WORLDWIDE. Beachbody, the #1 leader in home fitness programs, is now offering the Les Mills BodyPump programming! Through Beachbody, the program is called Les Mills PUMP and is based entirely on the BodyPump classes but has been adapted for the at-home user.

More on Les Mills BodyPump – The Classes

  • Launched in 1990
  • Total body workout
  • Taught in over 14,000 clubs, in 80 countries and to more than 5 MILLION people per week
  • Weight training workout based on ‘The Rep Effect’
  • They spend $$$ on the latest music to get it licensed for their program use
  • Equipment-based workout
  • 800+ reps PER class

What is ‘The Rep Effect’

The Rep Effect is designed to push your body to shed fat at a rapid pace while building long, lean muscles – without bulk. But we already know weightlifting won’t make us bulky, right ladies? Weightlifting helps us build lean muscle which will help you burn more fat. And did I mention lifting makes you stronger? NOT BULKY!

The Rep Effect consists of using a light amount of weight while performing a high number of reps.

More on Les Mills – The Creator of BodyPump

Les Mills is a real person. His company, Les Mills International, is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Les Mills is a former Olympian who represented New Zealand in the Olympics and also the Commonwealth Games over a span of TWO decades. His personal best was the gold medal he received in the discus event at the 1966 British Empire & Commonwealth Games. He also served as the Auckland City Mayor from 1990-1998.

Bringing BodyPUMP to Beachbody as Les Mills Pump

Now, although the group fitness classes offered in gyms are called ‘BodyPump’, the program available through Beachbody is called ‘Les Mills PUMP’. It’s a barbell-based weight-training program that is basically the same Bodypump workout but has been adapted for home users.

A Look at Each of the Les Mills Pump Phases:

If you normally take BodyPump classes and you can’t make it to the gym, you can now do the workouts at home!

Phase 2 Schedule:

Who is Les Mills Pump For?

  • Any fitness level (beginners, intermediate or advanced)
  • Men and women
  • Athletes looking to strengthen all muscle groups for better performance
  • Anybody looking to chisel their bodies and develop strong, lean muscle
  • Anybody who wants to do a hybrid of workouts – Les Mills Pump will work beautifully with any other workout (provided it’s not strength training) because the actual Pump workouts are only done 3x each week.

What’s in the Base Les Mills PUMP Kit?

  • 7 Workouts on DVD (including Les Mills Pump Challenge and Les Mills Pump N Burn)
  • +1 Coach Exclusive workout if you order here – ‘Les Mills Core’
  • 2 – 5# plates
  • 2 – 10# plates
  • Barbell + collars/clips to keep plates in place
  • Nutrition guide
  • Fitness guide

What’s in the Les Mills Pump Deluxe Package?

With the deluxe package, you get everything you see listed in the base package above plus the following:

  • Step Platform plus 4 risers
  • 2 additional 5# weight plates
  • 3 sports-inspired cardio workouts (Les Mills Step, Sports Attack and Combat)

What I Love About Les Mills PUMP:

  • The actual pump workouts are performed 3 days per week. This means you can easily use this program in conjunction with other fitness activities or programs.
  • It includes a barbell! I already have 2 large barbells (35# and 45#) but I don’t have smaller ones so I’m really excited for this! Those who already have a lot of equipment may not be as excited as I am. (They currently do not offer the program without the equipment.)
  • It comes with 7+ workouts! Some of these include Flow Yoga, Pump Extreme, Pump & Shred, Pump and Burn and Pump Basics to name a few.
  • Perfect for beginners! New to weights or working out in general? No problem! You can do each workout with your own bodyweight – you don’t have to use weights right away. As you get stronger you can begin to implement use of the barbell.
  • Standard 1″ weight plates WILL fit on the Les Mills Pump Bar – I know, because I’ve done it!

Sneak Peek at Les Mills PUMP

See my final Les Mills Pump results here.

Les Mills Pump Workout Reviews:


*****Update: 3/12/15 ~ sadly, Les Mills Pump has been retired and is now sold out.*****


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  1. Christina Sears says:

    I am on day 8 of Les Mills Pump and OMG it is the best home fitness workout I have ever done to date! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it – I love it too!! My first experience with a home workout program (on dvd) in quite a while and I’m happy I gave it a shot!

  2. I am considering ordering this and have a question for you. Do you think that it’s a good idea to order the upgraded program? Or would the original package be good enough?


  3. Susan Arredondo says:

    I have just ordered the program and am wondering if anywhere in the literature does it give some sort of calculation for figuring out the calories for each of the different work outs? Thats something that is super important for me to know and I want to be sure its accurate for me.

    Thanks for anyones help! :-)


  4. Thanks for input.
    How does this compare to P90X?
    Is it basicly ultra high rep barbell moves done in circuit fashion?

    • Hey John,

      Although both P90X and Pump are strength training workouts, Pump is completely different from P90X (which is what my husband is actually doing right now). There are several trainers, the workouts are done to music and it’s main focus is low weight and higher reps. I know with the P90X workouts you do quite a few reps too but it’s just a different type of workout. The speed of each exercise varies and goes from very slow to singles (1 per second) to bottom halves and pulsing. I know P90X is a really great program for strength but I think Pump is a bit more exciting and the time goes by quickly. Just my thoughts. :)

  5. I’m torn between getting the basic or deluxe version. I have TF which I could do on the “walk” days and I was planning on adding the TF HIIT workouts on the shorter Pump days. Do you have any information on the 3 cardio DVD’s that come with the deluxe… STEP, COMBAT, etc….

    • If you already have Turbofire and are planning to do that for cardio, I think Base would be perfect for you. The Deluxe kit comes with the Step and of course 3 additional cardio workouts and a couple of extra plates so it is a great deal. From my research, Combat includes various martial arts moves; Sports Attack reminds of Insanity – it includes things like jacks, various jumping moves, etc.; and Step utilizes the Step itself for step-ups, burpees, some jumping moves, etc. You could get the Base kit for now and then purchase the upgrade later on too. :)

  6. Hey Melinda, I LOVE weights workouts. I’ve done Chalean Extreme, TurboFire, Turbo Jam and i’m just on my 3rd week of Insanity. I love the interval training, but i’m noticing my muscles are slowly disappearing and, oddly enough, my thighs are getting bigger! Eeek! bye skinny jeans! With BodyPUmp are you leaning out? I leaned and then bulked a little with ChaleanEXt. I know every body is different, just figured i’d get your take.. i might invest in body pump when i’m done with the 60 day Insanity….???… thanks for any tips you can share!

    • I love you for loving weights. LOL! For me personally, my thighs (quads/hamstrings) actually do build up pretty fast, especially if I do sprints or run on an incline on my treadmill. I think most people usually have a certain area that builds up faster than others. For me, it’s my legs. I haven’t noticed any real size difference but I have leaned out a bit. I took before measurements and will be taking after measurements in a few weeks after I’ve completed the program. I’ll be posting my results in a blog post after I’ve finished it too. I honestly love Pump workouts – it’s different from any program/workout I’ve done and I’m happy I took the plunge and purchased it.

      I would think Insanity would lean you out pretty good. That program is on my to-do list! How are you liking it so far?

  7. Les Mills programs are GREAT! I am so glad he teamed up with Beachbody!

  8. I have been doing Les Mills group workouts at my local gym for a month now and i have seen great progress! I have Insanity and havent had the courage to start it any tips???

    • Hi Kaydee,

      If you haven’t yet, I’d watch the workouts before you do them to get a feel for what’s to come. Insanity is intense. My best advice is to just start it and push yourself (but obviously not too hard!) and then always stop if you need to and catch your breath. You can pause the dvd or just let it play and jump back in when you can. Then the next time you do it, just try to get a little bit farther than you did the last time. :) I’m jealous of your LMP group workouts! The closest gym that offers them is pretty far from where I live. Boo. :(

  9. Jane Torne says:

    I want to buy Body Pump but how is the music, in the home version of Body Pump, I called the 1-800 # & they don’t have any information. In the gym I used to workout at the music is cranked & I love that. But in all the video’s I can find there’s alot of talking going on. Any info of singers, songs ect…. Thanks

    • With the videos, you can choose to have the music option on or off. When it’s “on” you’ll still see the trainers moving their mouths, but the music is what you hear. That’s the option I always choose! As for music, there are songs by Lady Gaga, Pink and Usher along with some 80s artists (which I LOVE) like Warrant.

  10. Abbas Hamdar says:

    My girlfriend has a torn achilies tendem in her right leg. We used to do a lot of walking/joggig but now have not done any since June and both put back around 20lbs. I am thinking of ordeing Body Pump fo us to get back into working out. If she skips or modifies workouts that require leg movement, will Pump Body be ok fo her to do? We both have neve lifted weights before.

  11. I already have pump but didn’t order delux since I already had a step. But now I need the three extra DVDs the combat etc. Can I just purchase those three DVDs

  12. Stephanie says:

    Hi, great results. I just started BodyPump and already love it. But I won’t be able to go to the gym a lot so I was wondering since the DVDs are sold out, if you would be willing to sell yours in case you don’t use them anymore.

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