Les Mills Pump: Pump Extreme Review (Beachbody)

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After a silly laundry mishap over the weekend, my shoulder is feeling much better so I was finally able to tackle Pump Extreme for the first time! I haven’t done a Pump workout since last week on Thursday and I’ve really been missing them!

Let me just start by saying that “Extreme” is a great title for this one. Could they put a few more “bottom halves” in there? I’m not sure there were enough!

Les Mills Pump: Pump Extreme

A quick overview:

  • Length: 55 minutes!
  • Main muscle groups worked: Chest, back, shoulders, bis/tris, hams, quads and abs
  • Total reps: A whole freakin’ lot. (Pump Revolution has 800+ so this one is AT LEAST that many.)
Here’s a video snapshot of a clean and press/deadrow:

Les Mills Pump Extreme

Les Mills Pump: Pump Extreme Review

The Les Mills Pump workout program definitely saves the best (and most challenging) for last! Pump Extreme is a brutal 55-minute workout filled with “bottom halves” (or half reps) and fun music. I really love how the pace of the moves goes with the music. I’ve never experienced a workout like this one and I’m SO happy that I gave this baby a try.

This was the last “Pump” workout but I’ve still got about 6 weeks left of the program. The third phase consists mainly of the 3 advanced Pump workouts including: Pump and Shred, Pump Revolution and Pump Extreme so I’m pretty excited about it! I’m glad I’ll always have these workouts around because I’m really enjoying them. No matter what I end up doing next, these workouts will be awesome to have on hand.

Les Mills Pump: Pump Extreme “Likes”:

  • Challenging! They saved the best for last! I had to stop a couple times during this workout because my muscles were really feeling fatigued. I’m sure it doesn’t help that it’s been a week since I’ve been able to do Pump but it’s still challenging, regardless.
  • The trainers. I can’t say enough about the Les Mills Pump trainers. I missed Asa in this one but the group was still fun, like always. They’re all so encouraging and motivating AND funny at times. They want you to push and challenge yourself and they also go over each move beforehand to remind you of proper form – especially with the clean + presses.
  • Streching at the end. LOL! When it’s time for stretching I really enjoyed it because I felt like I earned it. The glute stretch is my favorite.

The “Dislikes”:

  • Bottom halves. But it’s a “good” dislike. ;)
My biggest tips for Pump Extreme: Lighten up on the weight. If you go too heavy, you’ll never make it through the entire workout. DO challenge yourself by increasing the weight as necessary. You never want the weight you’re using to feel easy!


Very pleased. And exhausted.

If you’re interested in having me coach you through it, I’d love to do that too. Please feel free to visit this page for more details about free coaching.

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Be sure to let me know if you decide to follow the program because I would LOVE to hear about your thoughts and experiences with it!

*****Sadly, Les Mills Pump has been retired.*****

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  1. Dude, you are a rockstar! I can’t wait to start this program in a week!! Thanks for the videos!!

  2. Nice form! I really enjoyed the music in the video.. :)

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