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Although I haven’t blogged every workout so far, I can honestly tell you that I’ve completed Day 5 of Les Mills Combat! There is definitely a mixture of strength and cardio in this program and I think it’s awesome. I’m not a cardio junkie by any means but the Combat workouts are something I look forward to – and they’re completely cardio!

Combat 45 (Power Kata) is similar to Combat 30 (Kick Start). Lets check it out:

Les Mills Combat: Power Kata Review

les mills combat 45 power kata

  • Duration: 45 minutes (including warm-up and cool-down)
  • Mixture of fighting styles including karate, boxing and taekwondo

I surprised myself and was able to get through 40 minutes of cardio pretty well (the last 4-5 minutes are stretching). I did stop a few times during one of the tracks (it involved a bit of jumping and bouncing back and forth a lot).

I love that I’m able to learn the choreography very quickly. This has not been my experience with TurboFire. Haha. They go over the moves slowly and then speed it up so you have a few times to practice and get it right. The trainers always remind you to focus on technique before speed.


  • There is a modifier for those new to Combat and/or working out in general
  • Music! (I only knew two of the songs but one of them was “Trouble” by Pink – love her music)
  • Time flies by
  • Stretching track – the stretches they do at the end feel like dessert. In my opinion, Les Mills programs have the best stretches ever and I like that they do a full 2 to 4 minutes of it during the cool-down.
  • Love all the trainers!


  • None (Although I do think some of the choreography is tricky which may be frustrating for some. I also think it can be learned pretty quickly with a little practice!)

Thank you to those who signed up for my first ever DietBet challenge! I love how everything is going so far and I want you to know how much you’re motivating ME! Keep up the great work!

xo Mindi

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  1. Hi Melinda, I came across your blog via a search. I too prefer to work out at home. The privacy, focus, and freedom fits my lifesyle (little ones 7 and and 10) and my schedule. I have always worked out but have not kept the continuity of working out which is what truly makes the difference. Recently I have integrated various forms of yoga into my routine and it really has added the spice. Look foward to future dialogue.
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