Legs Are Blasted & The Fire is BACK!

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I recently brought up my struggles with not having any kind of motivation when it comes to working out. Although it’s been a slow and steady journey this entire time, I really feel like I’ve got the fire back. I feel like I finally have the excitement and a “commit to be fit” kind of attitude. Does that make sense? I think it does. Even though the first few weeks of getting back on track were tough, I never stopped. I felt like it at various points in time but knew inside that I’ll never get to where I want to be if I quit. You can’t wish to be fit. We ALL know that…hahaha.

There are a few things specifically that have been motivating me really well these past few weeks and I’m happy to share them with you in case one might work for you too!

  1. Watching Biggest Loser. My favorite part of this entire show is the last chance workout. I always DVR the show and then begin watching about one hour after it starts. From there, I fast forward through all the talking and blah blah blah and just watch the challenge, the last chance workout and the final weigh-in. It’s the best motivation ever! Nothing else makes me wanna visit the basement at 9 PM. And I like pointing out all of the CrossFit equipment and Rogue shirts that Harper wears all the time.
  2. CrossFit World Facebook Page. Whether you do CrossFit or not, I think you’ll be inspired after seeing some of the pics they post. You might not ever roll a huge tire up a tall flight of stairs, but seeing somebody else in action helps me get to the basement some days!
  3. Fitness Motivation Facebook Page. The folks running this page know how to inspire and motivate too. I promise these pics and quotes will get you going too!

Speaking of Facebook…some of you may have noticed that I don’t update on my Facebook page much and I apologize for that. I’m a pretty private person and I like laying everything out here instead. In one place. One thing I have started doing though is posting my new blog posts to the page. This will allow you to “subscribe” to my blog and get the new updates via Facebook if you wish but I’m not sure I’ll be updating on there any more than that at this point in time. School is keeping me so busy I barely have time to blog these days. I’m hoping to work on my time management skills so I can get into a comfortable blogging routine again. I miss it!

Leg Workout

I haven’t blogged a workout in a little while now but I’m still at it. Last you probably heard I was tackling Les Mills Combat. I think I stopped it after about a month? It’s a great program but it’s not what I need right now. Last week I decided I was going to do something different and my plan is this:

  • P90X + CrossFit. But I’m doing it all MY WAY.

P90X is basically a 6-7 day/week workout program. I can’t do that. I’ve found that the best schedule for me is working out every other day. So my plan is to do the P90X strength workouts every other day. On top of that, some days I will also add in a CrossFit or CrossFit-inspired workout AFTER the P90X workout.

After a full week of P90X strength, I’m really happy with it so far. Today I did P90X Legs & Back and my legs are completely SPENT. The “sneaky lunges” made me laugh but this workout is no joke! This leg workout still incorporates the things usually seen in a good leg workout, including squats, lunges and calf raises but does so in a way that is different from what you’re used to.

Immediately following P90X Legs & Back, I went for a jog on our new treadmill. (The old one got lumpy and weird from the kids dropping dumbbells on the track) Since I haven’t really jogged in a long time, I took it easy today. My legs were tired anyway so it was kind of a nice way to keep them loose for a bit after the actual leg workout.

I wasn’t all by myself though:

Treadmill boxelder bug

Do boxelder bugs ever go away? I’m starting to think not!

I hope you got a good workout in today! (If you didn’t, there’s your cue. ;)


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  1. Ive been struggling also. After every challenge it goes downhill lol. Im commited though. I started jillians 30 day shred today n did more than I thought I would. I’ll definitely check out the fb sites for motivation. :)

  2. Great article. I totally agree. Motivation needs to come before anything in exercising and dieting and its not always that easy to find day after day when your moods are likely to change with the weather. The website links you laid out here are really good – especially the Fitness motivation facebook page. Keep pushing!
    Debra Blumfeld recently posted…Stress-busting pampers – naturallyMy Profile

  3. What kind of Crossfit workouts are you doing? I tried it for about a week, but it was too much for me. Are you just modifying and taking bits and pieces of different workouts?

  4. I am new to this but my legs are definitely my weak spot!
    Think i will try some “sneaky lunges” anything P90X has always intimidated me but my jiggly thighs say it is time! Thanks :)

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