Kurt Johnsen APY60 Review: Is It REALLY the Ultimate Yoga System?

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APY 60- $10 off!

To be honest, I was a complete beginner prior to trying out the APY60 yoga program. APY60 is a program designed by martial artist Kurt Johnsen. He also happens to be the founder of American Power Yoga, official trainer of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and a renowned yoga instructor.

Prior to APY60 I had never done a single yoga pose in my entire existence. However, after viewing this entire DVD set, I can see why many people have fallen in love with yoga. It is completely relaxing and it’s the perfect workout to do first thing in the morning. You can do it anytime but I found mornings to be the perfect time for me.

“What are you giving your peace away to? Hold on to this breath. Hold on to this peace.” – Kurt Johnsen

What’s in the Box?

  • 12 DVDs. This enormous dvd set includes 10 weeks worth of yoga (“Unplug”, “Wake Up Part 1”, “Wake Up Part 2”, “Simplify”, “Strength”, “Appreciation”, “Revitalization”, “Manifest”, “Customize” and “Your Best”) along with the bonus DVDs “Kurt’s Kitchen” and “APY Ultimate Endurance”.
  • 60-Day Notepad. This notepad is basically your daily to-do list to make it easy to follow the APY60 program. It’s helpful in planning your day because it lays out what you need to do each day without having to go through every DVD.
  • APY60 Power Yoga Fitness Guide. This guide is basically a more elaborate version of the notepad. It breaks the program down day-by-day and includes the workout you should be doing, what your daily challenge is and more.
  • Nutrition Guide & Kurt’s Kitchen Recipes. One of the Yoga DVDs is “Kurt’s Kitchen” which shows you how to make some great-tasting recipes that are healthy. This nutrition guide features each of the recipes along with how to detox your kitchen. If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it. (you HAVE to see it).
  • Sticker Dots. These are a series of simple stickers that have a big impact. Blue = Breathe, Red = Posture and Yellow = Smile. You’ll be instructed to use these to improve your breathing and posture and to help you remember to smile more often.

Is Yoga Even a Workout?

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I’ve always known that yoga is a workout…but I didn’t realize how great it really is until I tried to do the moves. It may be at a much slower pace than your typical cardio or circuit training workout, but it still manages to strengthen your body. Kurt Johnsen demonstrates each move and talks you through them to help make sure you’re doing them correctly. Let me just say I couldn’t believe how simple the moves looked…but they aren’t always so easy to do. You’ll find your weak spots quickly!

“Change is constant. Every day you might be tighter or longer…weaker or stronger. Every day you get to choose the direction of change!” – Kurt Johnsen

What Beginners Can Expect

I agreed to review the APY60 yoga program because I hadn’t dabbled in yoga before now. I wanted to be able to show others what to expect from this program if they were new to yoga like I was/am. My favorite thing about yoga is that it’s not only a change of pace, but it’s actually helped my posture and it helps to iron out the kinks in your neck, back and shoulder areas.

Whether you’re currently active or not, you’re bound to experience a bit of soreness in the beginning but this tells you that it’s working. It takes a lot of core strength to hold some of the poses and do some of the moves so you’ll find that your core strength will improve almost immediately. Remember though: Abs are made in the kitchen!

Also, yoga isn’t just about strengthening the body. It’s also about improving your emotional and spiritual health. You’ll learn how to relax and feel less stressed, you’ll see how easy it can be to meditate and how it frees your mind and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried yoga sooner. (at least, I know that was my first thought)

Kurt Johnsen’s voice is very calming and soothing too so it creates the perfect atmosphere to power through each yoga workout.

  • There’s a quick ‘Morning Moves’ workout routine (10-15 minutes) that you’re instructed to perform each day upon waking up. Kurt will also talk briefly about your daily challenge.
  • Then there’s also a weekly workout (45-50 minutes) that intensifies and gets a bit more advanced as you go through the program. This keeps your body changing and improving.

“Everyone around you is going to notice a difference every day you do this.” – Kurt Johnsen

Is APY60 Really the Ultimate Yoga System Like it Claims to Be?

ABSOLUTELY. The best part? It’s not over just because you finish all 60 days. You can always go back and do it all again or simply pick and choose from all of the different yoga workouts. You also don’t have to do the yoga every single day. You are given a rest day each week that you can feel great about. It gives your body some time to renew and rebuild itself after the hard work you’ve been doing.

APY60 also stands by their product by offering a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied for any reason. I think you’d be silly to return it but then again, yoga isn’t for everyone. I think it is a great change of pace though – even if you decide not to do it every day.

Wanna try it out? Learn more at APY60.com. (Use Coupon code “TAKE10” to get $10 off your order!)

APY 60- $10 off!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! It was especially helpful since I’m a yogi newbie myself. I’ve been thinking of getting this system for quite some time now but it’s hard to find any kind of detailed third party information on it out there. I can’t pay full price so I’m hoping to get it second hand at some point. Your review pushed me over the edge! :)

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