Julep Nail Polish Box + Target Haul [Face & Feet] ☄

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Never in my life did I ever think I’d be doing any kind of “haul post” unless it consisted of supplements or new equipment. But…here I am. I used to think I wasn’t really a girl. The only “girly things” I like are mascara and nail polish and I only wear minimal makeup to cover flaws. But lately I kind of feel like I’m morphing into a girl. That probably sounds ridiculous. In some ways it makes me laugh and in other ways it actually kind of makes me sad because I spent more than a few of my 30 years quite “numb”. You know? It excites me that I’m finding new interests and joys in life. I feel like I’m a decade behind!

First up:

Julep Box

Referring back to my love of nail polish mentioned above I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snag a Julep Box. You can see more of what they offer here but they basically have a monthly subscription box available that features 3 full size items including at least 2 of their beautiful polishes. Once you subscribe you become a “Maven” and you receive special discounts, offers and free shipping from the site. *Note: I stumbled upon Julep myself and found a free code to use online (I think it was ‘FREEBOX’). I did need to pay $3.99 for shipping.

Here’s a peek inside:

julep maven subscription box

julep maven box

Here’s a peek at each of the polishes:

julep nail polish bombshell

bombshell julep box

The shades I received are Petra (cranberry color) and Yumi (sparkly color).

Imagine my surprise when I saw that my third item was MASCARA! I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

julep mascara

Just looking at the wand I’m not sure it’ll have enough ‘stuff’. I love tons of mascara on my lashes. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be great for bottom lashes or for a nice base coat.

Overall…I’m not sure I would pay $19.99 per month for two polishes and one other item. I’m waiting to see how the polish performs on nails. To truly test the longevity, I painted my stepdaughter’s nails (she is 6) with the colors I received so we’ll see how long they really last. If you’ve ever painted a child’s nails you know how fast that polish wears off!

I could see myself maybe splurging here and there but not sure I would be willing to pay the full $19.99 a month on a regular, ongoing basis. The major reason is because each polish is only .27 FL OZ. which is nearly half the amount I have in other nail polish bottles. They do have a LOT of beautiful colors though.

You can check out Julep.com if you love nail polish as much as I do and then tell me what you think. :)


Target Haul


Plus, they were $7. (They’re on sale for $12 until Saturday and there’s a $5 off Target coupon on their site!)

target merona sandals

I think Target is just about my favorite store of all time. I save the most money there on necessities and sometimes even little splurges too (like today).

I also needed something that would clean my face really well. I’ve been wearing Revlon ColorStay foundation all winter and that stuff STAYS. On your face! Good for wear, sucky for cleaning it off and my skin doesn’t need any more reasons to be cranky! I’ve been wanting a Clarisonic but hello!? they’re expensive. This little beauty is on sale this week too for $24.99. Couple that with a $3 coupon and another $3 Target mobile coupon and it’s $18.99! That’s like $80+ cheaper than a Clarisonic Mia. I’ll take it.

olay professional prox cleaning system

Here’s what comes in the box:

olay pro x cleaning system

It has a nice little exfoliant but those tend to be too harsh for my sensitive face. Maybe I can try it in the summer sometime but I’ll just leave it untouched for now.

On to more face stuff…

elf brush cover girl outlast stay fabulous rimmel

  • 2 e.l.f. brushes (one on the left $1, one on the right $3)
  • Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous Makeup (#825)
  • Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder (#004 Sandstorm)

I went without powder all winter long but I know I’ll need it for summer. I have no idea if I’ll like this stuff but it has great reviews from people with oily skin and I’m one of them soooo, hopefully it’ll work okay. It was like $3 with a coupon.

The Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous is getting pretty good reviews from people as well. It’s not as heavy as Revlon ColorStay and I’m looking for something lighter for summertime.

I do not put makeup on with a foundation brush. I got that baby so I could apply my new clay mask more easily. It works faster too and it’s not so messy.

aztec secret indian healing clay

The clay mask I got was actually purchased from Amazon.com and it’s called Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (I got it as an add-on item and had it shipped 2-day free with my Prime membership). It says it’s for facials, acne, body wraps, clay baths, foot soaks and insect bites. I looooove it as a facial mask. It seriously feels like cement when it starts drying but it also feels like it sucks everything out of your pores. My skin was so soft and smooth after wiping it off (and surprisingly it wasn’t difficult to wipe off). I usually use the Mint Julep mask but so far I’m loving the Aztec Secret stuff a whole lot more. You do have to mix it with water (or apple cider vinegar) but I’m willing to work with that given what I’ve seen after using it twice so far.

And that’s it!

Oh wait, I also got some benzoyl peroxide. I’ll skip the photo for that one.


After I try some of the other stuff out I’ll be sure to report back with my personal experience with it. And please remember… I’m no beauty guru… just a mom into fitness who likes to feel purty! Don’t we all? Do what makes you feel pretty, dammit! ;)

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I kind of feel that way about a lot of the monthly box subscriptions. They are a neat idea, but what if you get a box of crap for $19.99??? I got a 3-month subsrciption to Bulu Box for half off, but so far I haven’t really liked anything I have received honestly. Worth a shot though, right? Thanks for sharing the makeup stuff! I am always interested in what people think of certain products. :) Welcome to being a girl!

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