My Insanity Journey

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Well, I bit the bullet and purchased Insanity. I’ve been eyeing this workout for a few years now but the thought of actually doing it was overwhelming and literally made me anxious. I’ve heard over and over again how tough Insanity is and I knew it’d be tough for me since it’s mainly cardio. I’ve completed a lot of Beachbody workouts but there is nothing like Insanity.

I started watching every Insanity transformation video I could find on YouTube (there are a ton) and they really psyched me up to give this workout a shot. I am grateful to those who have successfully completed the program and decided to share their journeys. It is so motivating! I am determined to get through this thing.

My Insanity journey starts TODAY.

August 29, 2014.

I will be keeping a daily diary on the blog and I will link to all future posts on this page to make everything easier to find and all in one place. I will also be adding a tab on the top navigation bar of the blog so I hope you’ll stop by again for Insanity updates!

Day 1: Fit Test

insanity day 1 fit test_

Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit + Face Fail

insanity day 2 plyometric cardio circuit

Day 3: Cardio Power & Resistance + Minnesota State Fair

sweet martha's cookie jar

Day 4: Cardio Recovery

insanity day 4 cardio recovery

Days 5-7: Pure Cardio, Plyometric Circuit + REST

insanity pure cardio

Days 8-11: Cardio Power, Pure Cardio, Plyo Cardio + Cardio Recovery 

insanity calories burned cardio power and resistance

Days 12-19: Honest Thoughts + Fit Test #2

insanity fit test results 2



Okay, so I only made it into week 1 of month two. #iFailed. I may or may not attempt Insanity again in the future.