I Admire These 3 “Fitness Ladies” and Here’s Why

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When it comes to fitness, or anything else you’re passionate about, I think it really helps to have admirers or those you can look up to that will help you stay motivated and working towards your own personal goals. After pondering about this for a bit, I quickly determined that there are 3 ladies that I admire in different ways for different reasons.

  1. Jamie Eason. Jamie Eason is an incredible woman in my eyes because of the way she handled her experience with breast cancer. Her diagnosis is what made her change her life for the better and I admire the fact that she’s not only a breast cancer survivor, but that she’s also thriving. I follow her on Facebook because she’s always posting fun facts, helpful advice, personal workouts and nutrition informationand personal stories. She just appears to be very down to earth, very kind and very appreciative of her “fans”.
  2. Zuzana (AKA BodyRock Creator). If you haven’t checked out BodyRock.Tv you have been missing out on the latest home workout movement. Zuzana and her husband Freddy are the creators of the site and they post detailed workout videos and photos on a daily basis. The workouts are short yet intense and are designed to give great results. Take one look at her body and you’ll see why I’m hooked on BodyRock!
  3. Sarah. Sarah and I have been friends for almost 8 years. She actually started working out regularly about a year or two before I did. She remains committed to working out and I admire her most because she’s so consistent in her workouts and because she’s a runner. She runs a couple of 5Ks each year which gave me the push to try and run my own 5K. I haven’t yet participated in a race yet, but I plan to! I struggle with running and knowing that she runs on a regular basis (we use MyFitnessPal) has helped me stay committed to running. If it weren’t for her, I don’t think I’d be running as much as I do – which still isn’t “a lot”, but I’ve come a long way! Even though we live ~ 35 miles apart, we usually try to run together twice a month. To me, that’s enormously helpful because it helps me stay committed to running on the weeks we don’t run together so I can keep up with her the next time!

Is there anybody who inspires you to keep living the fit life?

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  1. Jamie and Zuzana are excellent mentions. Sarah sounds like a serious BFF, and a keeper.

  2. It is great to have fitness role models and even better when you know them personally. I love your blog and the creative workouts that you post. Staying motivated isn’t always easy but this certainly helps.

  3. After joining a local small gym I found out how important getting motivation is from others. This article says it all.

  4. FitBodyHype says:

    There are so many names and faces of fitness and health that it’s hard to pick a top three. Zuzana Light is awesome because you actually see her doing her workouts, and they produce great results! Jamie Eason will forever be an innovator of the industry!

  5. Aaaaw! I never saw this post! Thank you so much for including me on your list! I think we really motivate each other. You are an inspiration to me as well and I am so so so lucky to have a friend like you in my life. Love you TONS!!!

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