How Pop Singer Pink Stays in Shape

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Pink singing "Just Like a Pill"I’ve always been a huge fan of P!nk’s music. I remember listening to her CDs in my car on the way to school in senior high and my feelings haven’t changed, I still love her music. Another thing I love about her is her body. She always seems to be in superb shape. I admire that about people because it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to and maintain a shape like she has.

Pink was recently on the Oprah show (2.5.10), where she talked about her recent Grammy performance (which, in case you missed it, was phenomenal) and what she does to keep her body looking great while on tour.

“When I’m on tour, I’m in really good shape. When I get home, I cook, I eat, I get fat and happy.”

I love her honesty. It shows that she’s imperfect just like the rest of us.

What she said she does to stay in shape though, includes running for 70 minutes a day and doing an hour of yoga. She also mentioned in the Oprah interview that the silks (or ropes) she was using during her Grammy performance, have also helped whip her into shape along with the popular P90x home training program. I haven’t personally tried it yet but I’d REALLY like to. I’ve seen some incredible video reviews on YouTube about it and people are getting fantastic results. It’s very high on my priority list – I just haven’t justified spending the money on it yet. I’ve seen it selling online for as high as $140+.

During the Oprah Show, Pink also performed, “I Don’t Believe You”, which she says helped bring her and her husband Carey Hart back together again after a recent split.

I, along with most of her other fans I would bet, don’t think Pink gets the recognition she deserves. She is so, so talented and I love the fact that she actually sings live. During her Grammy performance, she sang live (while spinning up in the air upside down – no lip syncing) and she wants everybody to know it:

“I almost try to make sure I breathe a little more than normal so people know that my mic’s live.”

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  1. Her workout routine is crazy.

  2. That is a lot of running along with all the other things she does like touring and P90X… Almost sounds like too much if she is doing that consistently.

    But then again she has the time in the world… that was a really interesting post.

    • She never mentioned how often she does those things. Celebrities never really ever seem to come completely clean about how often they exercise or exactly what they do, but if done everyday, that would be a LOT. But, like you said, she does have the time. If I got paid millions to be a hot singer, I’d workout a lot more too! :)

  3. wow! Would love to try p90x myself someday!

  4. She’s pretty tough, love the quote (and your blog!!)

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