Honest Insanity Update: Days 12-19 (Fit Test #2 Results!)

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Hello you. :)

It’s been over a week now so I figured it’s time for another Insanity update! I’m just about 1/3 of the way through so that’s pretty exciting. Overall things have been going okay. Some days have definitely been better than others.

Insanity Workouts Scheduled:

Some Highlights and Things Worth Noting

Day 13: 

I did Cardio Abs for the first time and guess what? I absolutely HATED the first 3 minutes! Why? Because jumping. More jumping! I also tend to hate things that expose my weak area and my core is probably the weakest of the weak on this body. It always has been and it’s because I get frustrated that it’s so weak and ab work feels tremendously difficult for me. The entire time through those 3 minutes I was wishing we could just do some crunches already. Isn’t that nuts? Who likes crunches?! I did right then. Haha!

The entire Cardio Abs workout was about 17 minutes with 15 minutes of that being actual ab work. The last two minutes or so was for stretching. Thankfully after the 3 minutes of tuck jumps and other “fun” junk, we got down on the floor for some plank work. I was so thankful. I do heart plank moves.

Total Calories Burned: 465 (Pure Cardio AND Cardio Abs)

Day 15: 

On day 15 I did the Fit Test for the second time. I was excited for this because I knew I was going to do better and I did! MUCH better.

I’m talking 113 additional reps!

insanity fit test results 2

Days 16-18:

I completely skipped these workouts (they were scheduled for this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday). I was not interested and I was feeling burnt out. Already. On Days 12 and 13 it felt like my body was getting tired. My calorie burn wasn’t as high as in previous workouts so I was beginning to feel defeated (you may have sensed that in yesterday’s post). The Fit Test results made me feel pretty good but by the time Saturday came, Roger worked almost the entire day so I was home with all the kids until we left for my youngest sister’s Sweet 16 birthday party. Sunday was football/laundry day and well, I just decided I wasn’t going to workout. It happens.

I didn’t even want to do the Cardio Recovery workout yesterday and I LOVE that workout. I did finally get back into the workouts today with another shot at Cardio Power and Resistance. I felt a little better today but I’m really, really, really missing weights. My body responds really well to strength training so I think I might need to add in some weightlifting so I don’t go too crazy. I just don’t want to do too much. In case you didn’t know, I don’t always love working out. ;)

I will finish Insanity.

I will finish Insanity.

I will finish Insanity.

I do think the workouts may be a little repetitive which could also be causing some frustration. Each workout is different yet kind of the same (with the exception of Cardio Recovery). There’s no question they’re great workouts for CARDIO I’m just not enjoying it every single day. I knew I wouldn’t though because I hate cardio. This is definitely a big challenge for me.

My next steps are to continue on with the schedule. I don’t go back and make up days that I miss, I just keep pushing forward. That’s just what I do and that’s real life to me. I want my results to be true 60-day results including any days that are skipped.

Nine more days until Recovery Week!

Eight more days until Nashville is back. ;)


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