Girls Gone Rock Workout Playlist

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We just got back from Cayden’s pre-screening and he did very well! It was over really quick too. Before we left I had to grab a quick snack since I wasn’t sure exactly how long we were gonna be gone. I decided on Sun Chips. I haven’t had anything other than tortilla chips and salsa for awhile so I had to take a snack from the kid stash.

The Garden Salsa and Harvest Cheddar flavored Sun Chips are pretty much the best chips ever created.

sunchips garden salsa


Even my dog thinks so. I swear as soon as the camera comes out, the dogs come running!

After we got back Cayden wanted me to take a picture of him next to our tallest sunflower. Those things get so huge! They’re so purty too.



And of course I had to take a picture of his little name tag.

early childhood screening

I like keeping these kinds of things. Don’t judge me. :P

He seems to be getting more and more excited about starting school and I hope that continues. It will make his first day of Kindergarten a bit easier for me!


I’ve been wanting to make a new playlist for a long time now and I finally buckled down and got it done! The music that motivates my workouts most is rock. It’s really easy for me to create a rock playlist but for this one it was a little tougher because it’s comprised of women only! Sorry guys.

Many of the playlists I see are comprised of pop/r&b stuff but I seem to tire of that really quickly. Songs that really help fuel my workouts are ones that are filled with emotion. My workout sessions are my therapy sessions. I do prefer upbeat songs over slower songs but if they give me goosebumps, they make the playlist! Not all of these give me goosebumps, but many of them do.

girls gone rock workout playlist

Girls Gone Rock Workout Playlist

Once I get all of these loaded up on the iPod, I hit “shuffle” and go with it!

Can’t wait to use it for the rest of this week’s workouts!


Q. What is your favorite rock song sung by a female?

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  1. i LOOVE that you put the links to the songs ;)

  2. Great playlist! Rock always motivates me the most too.

  3. Luis Correa says:

    I love the garden salsa Sun Chips too! Great playlist!

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