Full Body Circuit Workout w/Focus on ARMS

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Circuit workouts are quickly becoming one of my very favorites. If you’re looking to shape and strengthen your arms while working your entire body, this is a great workout to try! This is the one I did this morning and my arms have been shaky ever since. And my body just feels dead tired. I told the kids I’d stay up with them tonight so I hope I can make it! I’m afraid once I get comfortable I’ll be sound asnooze.

I did this workout following the directions I posted on the photo below but as always, you can modify it to suit your needs.

full body arm workout

*Perform all exercises beginning with burpees and ending with wall balls.


  • Use a weight that is challenging for each move (Example: you may need a heavier weight for bicep curls but a lighter weight for lateral raises)
  • Only stop if you absolutely need to catch your breath or sip water (try to keep any breaks as short as possible)
  • Try to perform the circuit up to 2 or 3 times but work up to it. (Absolute beginners may want to shoot for 1x through to see how they feel)
  • Perform moderate cardio 1 minute after completing your last circuit – believe me, your body will be plenty warmed up to blast extra calories and fat.
  • Give this workout all you’ve got and push yourself to the end, even if that means you think you’re going too slow. If you work hard, this workout will work for you.
  • Make a great playlist! I’ve got a few ideas here, here, here and here (will open in new tabs).

Some possible modifications and variations:

  • push-ups on knees
  • shorter plank duration
  • thrusters (can use body weight if needed) for wall balls
  • resting 1 minute in between each starburst “set” on the photo




Okay, now for a quick Walgreens haul. I have never shopped after Christmas sales at Walgreens but I found exactly what I needed – wrapping paper & ribbon! I didn’t need any kind of decorations after the HUGE haul I did last year at Target.

walgreens christmas haul

  • 6 rolls of foil wrapping paper (eeeek!!!)
  • 5 rolls of pretty ribbon that coordinate with the foil paper
  • 4 tissue bags
  • 2 pkgs. of red and silver garland
  • 1 little monogrammed stocking
  • 2 Cover Girl Bombshell mascaras (my favorite makeup item EVER is mascara so you KNOW I had to get these and try ’em! One is for my sister)

Their Christmas section was at 50% off yesterday and that was good enough for me since there was still a great selection of paper left which is all I was after. The paper I got was the foil paper which is expensive at full retail so I never buy it. This is the first time I’ve found it at an after-Christmas clearance sale so I was excited!

All together it was $27.34 for the Christmas items and then $13.98 for the two mascaras. I used $19 in register rewards and paid $22.32 out of pocket. I also earned $3 in Balance Rewards Points for buying the mascaras so I basically paid $19.32. I’ll take it! (I could’ve actually gotten it all for free +tax but I opted not to use the Balance Rewards Points I’ve accumulated.) The mascaras alone retail for $9.99 to $11.99 EACH. It took me a while to get the hang of Walgreens but I’m getting there. After some practice, I’m usually able to snag 70 to 90% savings on each trip for household, personal care and food products!

Okay, now time to go relax. Hope I don’t fall asleep early!



Best wishes to you in 2014,

<3 Mindi

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