Fit Links: ‘New Year, New You & How to Get There’ Edition

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Fit links was on hiatus during the holidays but it’s back! In this week’s fit links I’ll be focusing on links to help you kick-off 2012 in a healthy way and how to make it your best year ever!

Lose Weight & Get Fit with Your Phone – According to one study, the average woman spends 80 minutes on her phone each day. Did you know things like tweeting, texting and posting can actually help you lose weight and get in better shape?

How to Set Effective Goals – There’s a whole lot more to goal setting than simply wishing for something in your head. Bry lays out a complete goal-setting plan that will help you set goals that are effective and show you how to reach them.

How to Set Fitness Goals That Set You Up for Success – Here’s an article along with a helpful video to help you with planning your goals for 2012.

The 27 Rules of Conquering the Gym – This is a lighthearted, hilarious look at how you CAN achieve success at the gym! If you don’t have a sense of humor or don’t appreciate some sarcasm, might wanna skip this one. ;)

The Secrets to Staying Motivated from New Year’s to Christmas – This is an article by yours truly, posted here on this blog but I felt I couldn’t leave it out for this special fit links edition. Being motivated isn’t just about the beginning of the year, you’ll need to hang on to motivation year-round if you don’t plan on giving up!

Eat More to Lose Weight – It’s TRUE! If you’re not eating enough you could be sabotaging your own weight loss efforts because you’re actually starving yourself and slowing your metabolism way down. Fire up your metabolism with the proper foods and you’ll be slimmer in no time.

Weight Loss Success Story of the Week:

7 Women Who Kept Their Weight Loss Resolutions in 2011 (and how they did it!) – You don’t have to FAIL at your resolutions – these women didn’t! Learn how each of them stayed true to their resolution, lost the weight and kept it off.

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  1. Thank you for the feature, Melinda!

  2. Michelle @Lipstick and Lunges says:

    Thanks for sharing these. I definitely love the 27 rules! So funny.
    — Michelle

  3. Cheoy Lee says:

    As 2012 brings on its own new set of resolutions, it’s nice to take inspiration from others around us, especially those who’ve done it before and shown that its not impossible!

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