Dr. Oz on ‘The View’: How to Get Rid of Belly Pooch

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Image via WikipediaI totally meant to post this yesterday and I forgot. I usually watch The View

I totally meant to post this yesterday and I forgot. I usually watch The View every morning and yesterday (12/7) they had a short segment with Dr. Oz. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Oz he has his own TV show on the CBS network (check your local listings). In my area it’s on at 3:00 CST.

Anyway, he was promoting his new book: You: Having a Baby ($15), which is about things you can do to stay happy and healthy during a pregnancy. It was either him or one of the ladies on The View that asked him about the belly pooch that many women have after having a baby and they were talking about how to get rid of it. I do still have a tiny pooch from my last pregnancy, though ever so slight which I’m happy about, but I was still tuned into this segment and there was no turning back. I wanted in on this secret!

What Dr. Oz explained was that during a pregnancy, the abdominal muscles running down the abdominal wall get stretched out and the fibers holding the muscles together actually begins to tear and the muscles begin to spread apart. The most surprising thing I learned, was that doing only situps can actually further split the muscles apart from each other (Think of 6 pack abs being split vertically right down the middle). In order to bring the muscles back together and help get rid of the pooch, you should tighten your abdominal muscles prior to performing a situp and it’s also important to do oblique exercises as well. Those exercises will help bring the abdominal muscles back together.

Any fat that lingers on the belly area after pregnancy can be burned off by doing cardio activities like steady state or HIIT. High-intensity resistance training (or HIRT) is also a great way to burn fat all over the body.

I was so happy I was tuned in to The View yesterday!

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  1. Is he sure about that? I have had two kids and I do have a pouch…I have been considering a tummy tuck and have seen 3 doctors so far. All of them have told me that when abs seperate the only way of putting them back together is sewing them (hence a tummy tuck).

    • Hi there – I suppose it would depend on how much they’ve separated. Each person will have different experiences with pregnancy and some people’s abs may separate more than others.

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