December Goals: Fitness, Financial, Blogging + Personal

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Welcome to December! I hope it’s been going pretty well so far. It definitely is here. In the beginning of the month we were spoiled with temps in the 60’s and now lately it’s just been rain. Crazy! I suspect things might finally change over to more snow this month.

Now on to the monthly post I like to do where I round up my monthly goals and share them here for accountability.

Quick Recap of November

  • Fitness: I did really well with workouts but I completely stopped blogging them after the first week I think. Whoops!
  • Financial: I’m continuing to do very well on my spending diet! I love shopping for Christmas presents for my loved ones and I’m sticking to my budget so far. Online deals have been amazing and I’ve gotten cash back for every purchase! Looking forward to those payments in the next couple of months for sure. You can read about my top 5 faves for cash back in this post. I can vouch for them because I’ve always been paid on time by every one of them. So helpful for those on a budget!
  • Blogging: I didn’t have very specific goals for November because I wanted it to be more relaxed. December will likely be the same before I buckle down for the new year. I’ve done a ton of brainstorming for upcoming blog posts and I’ve been continuing to use CoSchedule to help plan future posts. CoSchedule has been a lifesaver. I love, love, love it.
  • Personal: Yes, my house is getting ready for Christmas! I’m running a little late this year and haven’t finished everything yet but I hope to by this upcoming weekend. December is going to be crazy busy.

December Goals

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It feels like I’m finally starting to get back into the swing of things when it comes to workouts and eating well. I’ve been struggling for almost two years but it’s slowly getting better. I’m struggling a lot with extra weight right now and I can only assume it’s due to medications I’m currently taking. I haven’t changed anything else. So I’ll definitely be looking into that and trying to figure out a plan.

My fitness goals for December:

  • Stay active. Busy times can make following a fitness schedule a bit tougher. I’m staying focused on staying active because it just makes life better all around.
  • Complete a Squat challenge. I’m in private Facebook group with a couple of friends to help us all hold each other accountable and they’re planning on a squat challenge this month that I’m really looking forward to!
  • Complete 21 Day Fix Extreme. I’m starting this program today and my plan is to finish it by Christmas Eve day. This gives me 3 extra days. We’re traveling to Arkansas this month and I plan to do some outdoor activities for workouts instead of staying inside with my dvds.



My financial goals for December are slightly on the back burner when it comes to paying off debt. Yes, I will continue to pay off debt but instead of putting extra money towards debt this month, some of that chunk will be used to purchase gifts. Potential minor setback: Christmas, lol. I love giving gifts but I’m trying to be smarter about it this year and not spend so much money. Our kids really don’t need anything. Kids in blended families get so much stuff! But that doesn’t mean it’s easy not buying things for them – especially since we don’t typically buy them a lot of things throughout the year beyond clothing, birthdays and school supplies. It’s fun to spoil them once a year but I need to not go overboard. Need. to. not. go. overboard. December financial goals:

  • Continue putting $10 a week towards my IRA account. This is an automatic transfer. After credit cards are paid off, this will obviously increase. I just want to get into the habit of contributing to it and watching it grow. Slowly.
  • Schedule all December bills.
  • Stick to my Christmas budget. So far so good and I’m almost done shopping so I think I got this in the bag.



As I’ve mentioned previously I’ve had a lot of hiccups trying different blog hosts this year but I’ve chosen to settle in with Bluehost for the long haul. Their customer service has been amazing and I definitely feel like you get the most bang for your buck compared to similar hosting plans. November blogging goals:

  • Continue using CoSchedule to help me plan my editorial calendar and social media posts. This is such an invaluable tool for bloggers. If you haven’t taken advantage of the free trial, you need to!
  • Brainstorm blog post ideas for January and February and plug them in to CoSchedule.
  • Be more active on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (mindifriedland). I’d love for you to connect with me and I’ll definitely follow back. :)
  • Share all new blog posts on Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.



In addition to my fitness, financial and blogging goals, I also have some personal goals to work on this month.

  • Set up my fitness planner. More on that soon!
  • Read one book. 
  • Spend 10-15 minutes every night planning for the next day in my Erin Condren Life Planner (to-do list, appointments, goals, etc.)

Time to get busy! December Goals: Fitness, Financial, Blogging + Personal - via

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