Day 14: Favorite Place to Exercise

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Good morning and happy Friday! Today is my youngest sister’s golden birthday. I know she probably doesn’t read my blog but I hope you have a great day today J Re’!

I know I’m not going to sleep well tonight because we’ve got our final mud run of the season tomorrow with Rugged Maniac! We get to pick up our race packets tonight and I’m super excited! I’m hoping to get a little more muddy this time than we did at CampTITAN. CT was super fun and challenging but I want more mud! There’s a small group of us going this time so it should be a really great time. A recap will be posted for sure! (You can find my Rugged Maniac recaps here and here.)

For breakfast this morning I splurged with the kids and we had pancakes smothered with peanut butter and topped with a bit of syrup. The first time I saw my mom make her pancakes like this I was a bit hesitant but now I know what the big deal is. If you ask Cayden, he’ll tell ya that you can’t even eat pancakes without peanut butter and syrup! That’s my kid. :)

peanut butter pancakes

Day 14: Favorite Place to Exercise

My basement!



  • I have plenty of equipment
  • I can do what I want
  • If there’s sweaty equipment, I know it’s my sweat
  • I can take as long as I want
  • I can listen to music really loud without ear phones
  • I have plenty of DVD workouts to choose from that I love
  • I can workout with my husband
  • My kids can watch or join me
  • I save money!
  • I can wear what I want
  • I don’t have to worry about people watching or critiquing me
  • I don’t have to leave my house which means there’s no extra commuting (yay!)
  • I don’t have to hear stupid comments from men boys
  • I can record my weekly Wednesday Workout videos

I love working out at home. It’s where I was forced to start and I’m happy here and it’s where I’m staying.

I do wish I had access to a leg press machine though!

Today’s Workout

  • Fire 30
  • MAJOR cleaning

Q. Where is your favorite place to exercise and why?

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