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I’ve been seeing these “Currently” blog posts poppin’ up everywhere, like this one, so I decided to join the fun. :)

Feel free to play along in the comments!

Current book:

naked drunk and writing

Naked, Drunk, and Writing is an amazing book I received for my 30th birthday and I’m enjoying it so much! It has nothing to do with being naked or drunk in a literal sense but if that’s how you wanna write, hey, I’m not gonna stop ya. After reading the first couple chapters of this book I have already learned so much and the book is actually pretty funny too. I’ve even been able to apply some things to my English essays (blech!). It has really great reviews on Amazon too!

Current music:

Shinedown. I have been listening to these guys for months now and haven’t tired of them yet. We saw them earlier this year in concert and we get to see them again this summer. SO excited! They put on a really, really great show.

Current guilty pleasure:

I wish I could list a food item for this, but this is all I’ve got.

candy crush

FYI…according to this very scientific calculation, I’m still in the “normal” range. Hahaha.

Current nail color:

I am a sucker for nail polish. Right now I’ve got Julep’s “Reagan” and “Payton” on my nails. I was gonna do some kind of watermelon design but I just don’t have time for that these days!

julep reagan and payton

Current drink:


Current food:

I just ate some yummy raspberries!

Current favorite show:

My current all-time favorite is Nashville. I can’t wait for fall when season 2 starts!

This is one of my favorite scenes from the first season:

I also love Big Brother and Dateline.

Current wish list:

Is this for real? Cuz my wish list is loooooooong.

Here’s just a few randoms:

  • Laundry room cart organizer (or shelves)
  • ’14 Kia Sorrento
  • Focus T25 program by Shaun T (coming June 24th or thereabouts!)
  • Start some kind of newsletter
  • C9 fitness apparel from Target (can never have enough….)
  • An “A” in my English class
  • Nail polish organizer (I really like this one and this one)

Current needs:

More time in a day. 

Current indulgence:

The beautiful doughnut I ate this morning.

Current blessing:

Life. <3

Current outfit:

An old gray t-shirt and some pink capri sweats from Aero.

Current excitement:


Our 4th wedding anniversary is next month. <3

Also see: Current Music (above)


Your turn!

Current excitement?

Current wish list?

Current nail color?

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