Crawling Out of Darkness

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On March 7, 2014 I published my very first Kindle book, Crawling out of Darkness.

Crawling out of Darkness outlines 12 different actionable steps that will help you battle depression naturally. I know each of the steps can work and I’ve listed them in the book because I’ve used them personally in my own experience with depression.

Crawling Out of Darkness: Strategies You Can Implement Today to Help Battle Depression Naturally - via


Discover How to Battle Depression Naturally.

Features 12 Actionable Steps You Can Start Following Immediately.

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Crawling out of Darkness begins with a little background and personal testimony about a young teen that includes her experience with sexual abuse at the age of 15. Soon after, she was diagnosed with clinical depression (also known as major depression or major depressive disorder) by her therapist and prescribed a variety of antidepressants over the next several years. Though antidepressants were likely needed in the beginning to provide some quick relief and prevent personal physical harm to herself, she began to spend time seeking a natural, long-term solution that did not require relying on a pill to live life without feeling suicidal or numb.

Ultimately she ended up battling her depression naturally in simple yet unexpected ways and continues to use those strategies today. She doesn’t claim to have the cure for depression or have all the answers for every case, but she does have experience and has learned several different ways to help her begin to overcome depression without medication and she hopes this book will help others who may be in a similar situation or know somebody who is.

Here is a peek at what you’ll learn inside:

*How to forgive yourself and others
*How to let go and live and love life (instead of just surviving)
*How to be legitimately happy
*How to start living a healthy lifestyle

+ MORE strategies that are real, actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.

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xo Mindi