Control Weight & Gain Confidence w/Spinach Brownies & Cupcakes!

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Holiday parties are in full swing. Here are some articles geared towards surviving them without adding on extra pounds. Also, learn some effective ways to stay healthy during the cooler months and check out the weight loss success story of the week!

How to Be More Confident – I think we all feel inferior from time to time and it’s good to remind yourself that YOU ARE AWESOME! Here are some ways to be more confident.

Keep Fitness Off Your New Year’s Resolutions List – What?! You could be setting yourself up for failure by adding huge weight loss goals to this list, this article shares why.

Morning Snackers More Likely to Gain Weight – The solution? A good breakfast! Also, learn about some high protein snack ideas and the time of day you should be eating them to LOSE weight.

Veggie Brownies for a Healthy Holiday Treat – One secret ingredient? Spinach! Don’t worry spinach haters, you can’t even taste it!

12 Healthy Cupcake Recipes – I didn’t even know that was possible!

10 Tips to Control Your Weight This Holiday Season – Winter is coming and the cooler weather means that most people spend a lot more time indoors and that can consequently lead to eating more (and weight gain). Here are 10 ways to keep your weight in check through the days of coldness.

Weight Loss Success Story of the Week:

I’ve Regained Control of My Weight and My Life – I’m all over a great weight loss success story – they’re so inspiring and I have to share in hopes of lighting that spark in somebody who really needs it. Tricia lost over 100 pounds and has some interesting tips to lose weight. Check out her before/after photos, she looks great! Way to go Tricia!

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