ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit Review: 6 Weeks Left!

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A few weeks ago, I posted my thoughts on ChaLEAN Extreme after following the program for 2 weeks and I said I’d update again around the six week mark. Well that’s right about now. The six week mark means I’m halfway through the Push Circuit phase and basically halfway through the entire program as a whole.

Push Circuit

The Push Circuit Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme is 4 weeks in length and focuses on lifting heavier than in the Burn Circuit Phase. The goal in these strength workouts is to complete 6-8 reps ONLY. This means you should be failing at anywhere between 6 and 8 reps. If you can do a few more after 8, you need to go heavier; if you’re failing before 6, you need to go lighter.


I have definitely lifted heavy before but not so much with dumbbells-only, which is exactly what’s happening with this workout. Of course I’ve used dumbbells, but it’s usually just been for arm work.

Things I Love About the Push Circuit Phase

  • Chalene continues to motivate and I love how motivating she is. She’s motivating and upbeat without being “mean”. I love her style of training. She’s fun – all while still making sure you’re checking your form and holding abs in tight.
  • She reminds you to push hard and lift heavy while reminding you (women) that lifting heavy weight will not make you bulky!
  • There is a modifier. I think it’s always great when workout DVDs include a modifier for those who are just starting out or who may not be able to do certain moves for whatever reason.
  • There are two very inspirational ladies in these workouts: one woman is a mother of SEVEN and the other is a woman in her sixties who looks fabulous. To me, this shows that anybody can do these workouts – whether you’re a mother of one child or several or a grandmother or older woman who’s looking to get fit.
  • The workouts FLY BY. The strength workouts are just over 30 minutes total and the time flies by. It’s bizarre. But I love it.
  • Bowler’s lunges and V-press biceps.
  • You can easily follow along with the workout even while rocking out to your own music.
Oh yeah, and I can’t forget about one of my favorite parts. Check out these boots!!!
chalean extreme chalene johnson boots

Then she says…

chalean extreme chalene johnson


Things I’ve Accomplished During the Push Circuit Phase

  • I’m matching Chalene’s weight on just about every exercise now. When I started, that wasn’t the case. I’ve gotten a lot stronger in the last six weeks.
  • I have done my personal best (for amount of weight lifted) on several exercises including lateral raises, hammer curls and push-ups! Chalene says something like, “If you don’t like push-ups, it’s because you don’t do them.” She’s totally right. Once you can start hammering those babies out, it’s actually fun. I never thought I’d say that. I’ve always hated push-ups! And the ones done in Chalene Extreme are done s-l-o-w-w-w-w.

ChaLEAN Extreme is not for people who:

  • have joint issues/pain. (when in doubt, ask your doc)
  • don’t want to get strong.
  • don’t want to build muscle.
  • aren’t ready to make a lifestyle change.


The countdown to completion begins. I’ve got six weeks left and I’m gonna give it all I’ve got!

—–>Click here to checkout my ChaLEAN Extreme workout log.

—–>Click here to challenge your body with ChaLEAN Extreme!

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  1. thanks for the update! Can I ask what is size of dumbbells you are using for this program? Cant wait to read your final results! Im doing les mills PUMP right now, but I think I want to start chalean next. thanks for your blog!

    • Thanks for visiting! :) I’m currently using dumbbells ranging from 10# to 25# depending on the exercises. I highly recommend Chalean Extreme for lifting heavy and building muscle. Pump is a super fun workout – I miss it!!

  2. Sarah Hagelin says:

    Wow! Those boots are CrAzY!!! Hahaha! Great job on those personal bests!! You are a ROCK STAR!!!

  3. I’m sooo glad you’re loving it as much as I am! The PUSH phase is my faaavorite! I also am so proud of myself when I can match the weight she’s using lol!

    • When I first started I felt so weak compared to what she was doing! It’s my favorite phase so far too! I can’t believe how fast the time goes by. And I sweat. A LOT.

  4. I did Chalean Extreme last year and the Push phase was my absolute favourite. I loooooove lifting heavy – it makes me feel so badass! I started it again this week after discovering your blog and your awesome workout log. It’s way better than the one I made for myself last year and now I’m trying to match your numbers :)

  5. Haha! Exactly!

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