Celebrate Jelly Bean Day with This Colorful Round-Up

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Today is Earth Day. But do you know what else it is? National Jelly Bean Day! Yes, earth is important but so are colorful, fun recipes that you can create to celebrate both “holidays”! I thought I’d round-up a bunch of craft and food recipes that use jelly beans to commemorate this day. Jelly beans make me happy too.

I hope you enjoy!

Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day

Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day (or any day!) with these colorful recipes!

Jelly Bean Recipes

  • Jelly Bean Body Scrub. This stuff looks amaaaazing and would make the skin feel so smooth after a nice warm bath. This is a sweet way to use sugar without eating it. Tricky, tricky. – via Bulk Apothecary
  • Jelly Bean Flower Cupcakes. These “spring blossoms” are so cute. Jelly beans can really brighten up a cupcake! – via MyRecipes.com
  • Easter Nest Treats. – These bitesized little treats look like tiny bird nests. Plus, they’re made with peanut butter and chocolate? That’s my jam. via Sherri Haab
  • Rice Krispies Bird Nests. These are similar to the Easter Nest Treats but they’re made with Rice Krispies! – via Happy Clippings
  • Jelly Bean Spring Flower Cupcakes. Of course I had to include a jelly bean flower cupcake recipe from Jelly Belly! (You can find a lot of inspiration for decorating these, here) – via Jelly Belly
  • Coconut Macaroon Nests. This is yet another variation of the bird nest treats but with completely different ingredients! These are made with coconut and egg whites and the photos are beautiful! – via Trial and Eater
  • Jelly Belly Cookie Boxes. These are so darn creative. How do people come up with this stuff?? Glory does a beautiful job with these adorable cookie boxes that hold jelly beans! The title of her blog seems legit. – via Glorious Treats
  • Starburst Jelly Bean Cookies. Seriously, how did I not think of this? I looooove Starburst Jelly Beans! Of course they’d be great in a sugar cookie! – via Real Housemoms
  • Easter Bark. If you’re an edible bark lover, you might wanna try this fun tie-dyed version! This particular recipe uses M&M’s but you could easily sub in jelly beans. – via The Browy Blog
  • Jelly Bean Pizza. This is a super fun recipe that everyone will love! The crust is made using sugar cookie dough and then you add frosting and toppings – jelly beans! – via Extra Frosting Please
  • Jelly Bean Donuts. Just when I thought jelly bean recipes couldn’t possibly get any better, I stumbled upon these gorgeous, round pieces of art. The photos are beautiful! – via Melanie Makes
  • Easter Candy Bark. This is another variation of candy bark made with jelly beans! The recipe is different from the previous one listed and looks just as tasty! – via Sassy Girlz
  • Jelly Bean Martini. This is fancy and fruity. It calls for pink and red jelly beans so it has to taste good, right? You could easily adapt this recipe to flavors you like. – via Betty Crocker
  • Jelly Bean Infused Vodka. While we’re on the subject of liquor, maybe you’d prefer jelly bean infused vodka? There are plenty of colorful photos to look at too. – via The Realistic Nutritionist
  • Jelly Bean Popcorn. Feeling snacky after your jelly bean martini? This colorful popcorn treat should have enough sweet and salty to satisfy those cravings! It’s ooey-gooey and looks incredibly tasty. If you like jelly beans and popcorn. – via Two Sisters Crafting
  • Preggy Punch Mocktail. Whether you’re pregnant or just don’t prefer to drink alcohol, this is a fun alternative! It’d also be a nice addition to a child’s birthday party. The recipe includes the option of adding Rum. – via A Spicy Perspective
  • Soft Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies. You know what sold me on this recipe other than the beautiful colors? The word “soft”. Soft, chewy cookies are the best and these colorful jelly bean ones are perfect! – via Lady Behind the Curtain

Jelly Bean Crafts

  • Jelly Bean Wreath. This is an adorable spring decor piece and could be used indoors or outdoors. The tulle ribbon really adds a touch of glam! – via Club Chica Circle
  • Jelly Bean Tree. Another bright idea from Club Chica Circle! Cheap and easy to make and would be another beautiful spring decor piece to brighten up your home. – via Club Chica Circle
  • Jelly Bean Tree (2). This is an entirely different style of jelly bean tree and I’m in love with it. And all you need are some twigs, hot glue, jelly beans and a vase. – via Life is A Party
  • Jelly Bean Pumpkins. Jelly beans aren’t just for spring and Easter because guess what? You can make super cute pumpkins to add to your fall home decor!via Pikadilly Charm
  • Jelly Bean Spring Vases. This is a beautiful setup for spring. It’s several vases filled with jelly beans that each make up a letter for “spring” and they’re each topped with a colorful daisy. The website isn’t in English but it can be translated or you can get a good idea of how to do it with the photo provided. – via Hestia’s Cottage
  • Jelly Bean Topiary. These topiaries look so cute grouped together! This is yet another jelly bean craft idea that is very inexpensive and oh-so-colorful. If shabby sheek is your thing, you’re gonna love these. – via Crafty Sisters
  • Jelly Bean Candle Display. I love candles and finding unique candle holders is always fun too. You can make your own candle displays with votive holders, jelly beans and a small pillar candle! – via Not Just Another Mommy
  • Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets. This is a sweet treat that hangs from your wrist! Another really cheap, cute and crafty idea for jelly beans. – via Artzy Creations
  • Jelly Bean Butterfly. These are adorable and would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, party favors or just for giving to someone who’s awesome. – via Savings Mania
  • The Jelly Bean Gospel. My kids actually received this from my grandma this past Easter and it was a huge hit! It’s also a great reminder of why we celebrate Easter (and tying the story in with jelly beans!) – via The Simple Homemaker
  • Jelly Bean Play Dough. This crafy momma used jelly beans to create play dough! She notes that while technically it’s “edible” she wouldn’t recommend it because it doesn’t taste very good. The grape smells fabulous though! – via Craftulate

And lastly, as a bonus, I just had to share this Easter Bunny prank! You just need some jelly beans… and a toilet. – via Smart School House (original source unknown)

Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

xo Mindi


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