Calories Burned in Hammer & Chisel Workouts [w/Fitbit]

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Curious to know how many calories burned in Hammer and Chisel workouts?  Hammer and Chisel is my latest home workout challenge. I started it right at the end of 2016 and I’ve been following it since. I’m enjoying the challenge and after a few weeks of workouts completed I can definitely notice some changes in the way my clothes are fitting. Yessssss!

One of the things I find interesting is knowing how many calories each workout burns. I look this up before I do workouts sometimes just to get a ballpark number and today I’m sharing my numbers from my Fitbit Charge 2 with you. Your numbers will vary of course.

What I used to measure calories burned:

I know some people prefer the accuracy of heart rate monitors but I just use the calories burned as a guide anyway. I have this Polar FT4 heart rate monitor and it’s been sitting in a drawer.

Even though activity trackers like Fitbit may be a little less accurate, it’s still nice to see the numbers tick up and up during each workout. It motivates me! And I gotta say that I’m much better at wearing a bracelet than I am a chest strap and a watch. It’s just a convenience thing for me I guess. You gotta do what works for you, right?

Calories Burned During Hammer & Chisel Workouts

*Keep in mind that these are my numbers and no activity tracker is 100% accurate. Also, the number of calories burned is unique to each person, their body type, current fitness level and the intensity they put into the workout. 


  • Iso Strength Chisel (36 min): 230 calories
  • Iso Speed Hammer (35 min): 219 calories
  • Chisel Endurance (37 min): 280 calories
  • Total Body Hammer + Ab Hammer (53 min): 239 calories
  • Chisel Cardio (42 min): 305 calories
  • Max Hammer Strength (36 min): 242 calories


Hammer and Chisel Home Workout


  • Hammer Power (44 min): 363 calories
  • Chisel Agility (38 min): 347 calories
  • Chisel Balance (40 min): 284 calories
  • Hammer Conditioning (30 min): 237 calories
  • Total Body Chisel (36 min): 221 calories
  • Hammer Plyometrics (26 min): 217 calories

Quick Thoughts on Calorie Burn

These calorie burns are from the very first time I did each of the workouts. I burned even more the second time through them because I had a better idea of how much weight I should be lifting for each exercise.

What I love most about strength training workouts like this one is that the muscle I’m building helps me burn more calories even after my workouts are finished. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn all day long. That’s pretty sweet!


Calories Burned During Hammer and Chisel Workouts - via

Have you tried Hammer & Chisel? What’d you think?

If you’re on the fence but you love challenging workouts, I think you should go for it!


Here are my go-to healthy living faves:

  • Hammer and Chisel: A challenging, full body workout program
  • Fitbit: Stay motivated and on track with this fitness tracker
  • Ibotta: Cash back savings on grocery, household, personal care items and more
  • Adjustable dumbbells: Must-have, space-saving equipment for home workouts


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