Fitness Updates: Bone Bruise + BBX

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Well my leg still hurts. Have you ever had a bone bruise? I don’t think I’ve had one this bad. Ever. But I guess that can happen when box jumps go bad. I can’t run yet. The hubs and our youngest went on a 2-mile walk last weekend and my leg was throbbing when we got home. It felt good to walk but damn… it still hurts.

The pain hasn’t kept me off my plyo box though. One of the final workout moves of a BBX Challenge workout this week called for almost 100 box jumps. Ha! I can’t jump.. but I did do step-ups and I tried to do them as fast as I could. I didn’t use any dumbbells for an added challenge because I didn’t wanna put any unnecessary pressure on my bruise. It’s taking long enough to feel better as it is! The worse pain was the 1-2 hours afterwards but it’s been a dull pain ever since.

One thing I noticed while doing all those step-ups..

Muscle definition from BBX Challenge Workout via

The definition in my quads is coming along nicely! Finally starting to feel like I’m creating shape in my body again. I really can’t wait until this bone bruise is healed. It makes any exercise with any amount of impact pretty challenging or impossible for now.

I’m currently on week 6 of Christina Abbott’s BBX Challenge and I’m still loving it. The variety is awesome. And the workouts are challenging but I feel so good after I finish them. I’m almost to the halfway point and I’m not bored or sick of it yet so that’s a good thing.

The variety of equipment used makes it pretty fun!

In case I didn’t mention it already, the BBX Challenge can definitely be done at home.

Here’s a list of the equipment I’ve used so far:

*Even if you don’t have everything mentioned, you can sub dumbbells for just about anything. And you don’t need a jump rope, just your legs. If you don’t have a plyo box you can just use a chair or a bench – but make sure those babies are stable!


Workout Wednesday with Demonbells via

It’s always a good time when you bring out the kettlebells and kb swings are the BEST.

I’m still chugging along with this workout and having fun too!

Does anyone else love working out barefoot? It’s my favorite.

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  1. Yeah, love working out bare foot! Best feeling ever, but at home only

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