Biggest Loser 15 Finale Thoughts

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Let me just say that I am a pretty big fan of several of the contestants from Biggest Loser 15. As you probably know by now the finale aired last night and I was in complete shock of all the transformations.

I was most looking forward to Rachel Frederickson’s transformation because she is a Minnesota native and after seeing the episode that aired just prior to the finale, she was looking like a real athlete. She was winning competitions on the show left and right and I was just so excited to see her final results. But yet I was nervous at the same time. Why? Because in the final episode (before the finale) she looked amazing and was said to be at 19% body fat. She already looked incredible to me, how much more can she lose? So last night I forced myself to stay up and watch the finale right to the end so I could see how she did.

The results were completely unexpected. Once I saw her walk out there I immediately gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. I don’t want to take away from her accomplishments but I do think she may have taken this competition a bit too far. Either she got overly-competitive and wanted to do whatever she could to win the money or she has a serious problem. Perhaps both? I watched her stumble up the stairs to her final weigh-in and just kept thinking “Oh my God”.

rachel frederickson biggest loser 15

I know sometimes when these contestants come out it is really shocking to see how they’ve changed because there is so much of a gap between their final appearance on the show and the actual finale. Honestly, at first I thought well maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just not seeing this like everyone else. That was until I saw the looks on Bob and Jillian’s faces. They looked shocked but their shock seemed to be coming from a place of concern more than happiness for her.

bob and jillian biggest loser

I mean, this girl is at least a little taller than Jillian Michaels, who stands at about 5′ 3″ I guess, so I’m not certain how 105 pounds can be healthy for her based on that information. You can check out this chart from Weight Watchers to see what I mean.

I don’t wanna take away from her “success” but man…I can’t help but feel worried for her.

This comment made in her reaction video was pretty eerie to me too:

I’ve taken hold of it, I’ve run with it and you know I’m taking charge of my life and it’s just, it means the world.

If you are unable to see this video, please click here.

What made me really sad is that I immediately took to Twitter because I knew there would be tweets flying everywhere about this and I was right. Most of the tweets I read came from people concerned about Rachel’s health but the ones that scared me most were the ones I saw (mostly from seemingly young girls) that said how perfect and amazing Rachel looks now. They were associating being VERY THIN with PERFECTION. It makes me sad. I just couldn’t believe what I was reading from these young girls.

It also brought me back to high school and the days where I thought I was fat. Looking back, I attribute my unhappiness with my body at the time as a result of my past. I think I was just ashamed of  myself as a whole and I would completely pick my body apart and find something wrong with everything, but I never had full-blown anorexia or bulimia. I definitely had body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). There was a time in my life when I did obsess over food and would skip several meals a day.

A popular comment I’m seeing on other articles about this that pisses me off:

“She just needs to eat a sandwich.”

I don’t know if she has any kind of disorder but if she does, it’s more than just about eating a damn sandwich. /end rant.

After the finale was over I wondered why Biggest Loser hadn’t stepped in (prior to the finale) to make sure Rachel was doing okay. Did they really not know she had taken this competition to extremes? Were they really happy with how unhealthy she looked at the end? For me the fact that they seemed to glorify her excess weight loss (which seems to be a little too much) just doesn’t sit well. I hope now that the show is over she is able to relax a bit. It would be pretty stressful to worry about a finale show airing live in front of millions of people.


On a more positive note I think my absolute favorite transformation was Tumi Oguntala’s. She was the at-home prize winner of $100,000 and lost 175 POUNDS. She was the winner of it all in my head and for some reason she reminded me of Janet Jackson. Tumi went from 319 to 144 and looked so healthy and strong, not to mention HAPPY. It was like she was lit up from within.

tumi biggest loser

Love her.

If you are unable to see the video, please click here.

And finally, my favorite quote of the night was by finalist David Brown:

The winning step was the first one.

He also said, “Confetti falls on us all. We all win.”

He seems to have made an incredible mind and body transformation which is key to long-term success. He seems to have a really great heart. I’m so happy for him and his family!

Q. What are your thoughts about the Biggest Loser 15 Finale?

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  1. I have found that some people are intimidated by the thought of fitness. Too many people seem to associate fitness with six pack abs and give up before they start but it is really about being healthy. Others seem to go to the extreme. We obviously don’t know the back story of her excess weight loss, but it doesn’t look healthy for sure. People need to find balance, which seems to be a difficult thing to do for some.
    Jim Ford recently posted…Help Is Available But The Decision Is YoursMy Profile

    • Exactly. I’m not certain of her back story but for somebody who was proud to bring out their inner athlete again, she doesn’t appear to look very strong and it seems all of her muscle has whittled away. Obviously I don’t know how she was when she was in the “best shape of her life” as a swimmer in high school, but I just think she lost a little too much. I absolutely don’t want to take away from her weight loss success because it is something to be proud of, I just worry she took it to extremes and that other people will think that’s how they should look because her weight loss was so celebrated on the show. If she’s happy, that’s great for her but I still have to wonder. Thanks for your comment Jim!

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