Beat the Heat Summer Challenge: Week 5

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Can I just say I suck at challenges? Cuz I do. I’m running less now than I did BEFORE I started this challenge. I think challenges really stress me out and then I just freeze. Sounds pretty stupid now that I really think about it.

Fitness frustration aside, my husband and I are going through a pretty stressful time with the whole home buying experience. What a crock a shit I’m beginning to think shopping for a house is! (okay, let me take a moment to relax..)

We obtained our mortgage pre-approval on June 17th. As of today (August 1), we have placed 3 offers and they’re all still pending. Our latest offer – that we’re most hopeful about – was just placed last Thursday. The first two homes were short sales so we did expect a delay. However, the rental home we’re in has been reduced in price about $50,000 since it hit the market and we’ve had showings daily for the last 4 days. Makes life incredibly stressful! Especially when these people call 1 hour in advance. GRRRRRR!

For these reasons…I’m not going to be terribly hard on myself for feeling way behind when it comes to the goals I set when the Beat the Heat Challenge started. I KNEW this summer would be busy and it’s actually worse than I thought it would be. Hooray. Did I mention I’m taking my Certified Personal Training test on September 24th? I can’t wait to just be moved, settled and certified!

Positive Photo of the Week

My 2 boys collecting frogs at the park :)

This week’s questions:

  1. What have you done this week to work towards your goals? Last week I actually signed up and registered for my very first official 5K! The name: Blubber Run. I have a couple friends that are running too and I figured this would help me work on my running.. we shall see. Either way I’ll be running a 5K on September 10th!
  2. What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous? I bought Reese’s Puffs for the first time in months and I had some this morning for breakfast! Also, does school shopping count? I’m usually a last-minute shopper but I have purchased school supplies, school clothes and shoes for my school-aged boys and some new clothes for the 2 younger ones too – thanks to online sales used in conjunction with coupon codes! That feels pretty good.
  3. How are you finding your goals this challenge? Do you still think you can achieve them? Well, I haven’t run a 5K every week, I think I’ve done 2 since I started. I haven’t run a 7K yet, I won’t be measuring my hips until Wednesday this week. This marks the halfway point and I’ll see what progress I’ve made. I’m assuming my measurement will kick me in the ass to finish this challenge strong.
  4. Freebie! If you want to change one goal change it. Explain your decision even if you don’t change any. I’m actually going to change the last goal I made which was simply “to finish this challenge”. I’d like to focus on my studies so my new goal for the remainder is to study my personal training materials for at least 1 hour, 6 days a week. I suck at studying too.
  5. Fun Question: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Your funds are unlimited! Oh gosh..this is really tough. There are a few different places I’d love to live and for different reasons. One place is Sweden because my paternal grandmother is from there. I’d also love to live in Australia because it looks beautiful and I like the way they talk. Finally, I’d probably end up staying in Minnesota because most of my friends and family are here, plus I enjoy experiencing all 4 seasons.

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