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P90X is an incredible 90-day strength training and conditioning program designed by Tony Horton. If you haven’t heard of Tony Horton, he’s an incredibly funny guy who knows what he’s talking about.

Contrary to popular belief, P90X is NOT JUST FOR MEN. It is a great program for women to use to help build muscle and burn fat. There are strength training splits along with things like plymetrics, kenpo and other variations of cardio exercise that will provide everything you need to make a complete transformation.

P90X® has 12 highly diverse and intense workouts. It’s a total-body program that incorporates strength trainingcardiocore workyoga, and flexibility. You’ll learn how to customize P90X for your specific goals so you’ll get the results you want.

Some may feel like this workout program is just for men but P90X is perfect for women too! Many women have already experienced incredible transformations and they were able to lean out and gain muscle strength and get more toned than ever.

This P90X package doesn’t only include the 12 workouts either, you’ll also receive the P90X 3-Phase Nutrition Plan, the P90X Fitness Guide, the How to Bring It Video, the P90X Calendar, and 24/7 Online Support for access to P90X experts.

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P90X® Extreme Home Fitness includes:

  • 01 Chest & Back01 Chest & Back – Upper body exercises for strength and definition.
  • 02 Plyometrics02 Plyometrics – An explosive jumping cardio routine.
  • 03 Shoulders & Arms03 Shoulders & Arms – A combination of pressing, curling, and fly movements will help you get stronger and more defined.
  • 04 Yoga X04 Yoga X – Strength, balance, and flexibility will enhance your physique and calm your mind.
  • 05 Legs & Back05 Legs & Back – Squat, lunge, and pull for an allover workout.
  • 06 Kenpo X06 Kenpo X – Punching and kicking for endurance, balance, coordination, and cardio.
  • 07 X Stretch07 X Stretch – Prevent injuries and enhance athletic performance.
  • 08 Core Synergistics08 Core Synergistics – Intense exercises to build and support the core.
  • 09 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps09 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps – Targeted strength and upper-body exercises.
  • 10 Back & Biceps10 Back & Biceps – Tone and tighten these showcase muscles.
  • 11 Cardio X11 Cardio X – A low-impact, fat-burning cardio routine.
  • 12 Ab Ripper X12 Ab Ripper X – Sculpt your six-pack and work your entire core.

The Extras You’ll Receive to Optimize Your P90X Results:

  • P90X 3-Phase Nutrition Plan

    P90X 3-Phase Nutrition Plan. This handy nutrition plan tells you exactly what you need to be eating to fuel your body for these intense workouts and help you burn more fat in the process.

  • P90X Fitness Guide

    P90X Fitness Guide. This is an exceptional tool because it helps you customize your workout goals, track your progress, and stay motivated.

  • How to Bring It Video

    “How to Bring It” Video. Get an overview of the P90X system and tips on how to get started.

  • P90X Calendar

    P90X Calendar. Schedule your workouts and track your progress every day.

Online Support
            Online Support. Get access to fitness experts, peer support, and extra motivation.
Exclusive bonus workouts:

  • If you order P90X on Team Beachbody, you will receive 2 workout DVDs from the P90X ONE on ONE™ series. A $40.00 value—FREE!

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90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
We’re so sure you’ll love this program, we’re giving you our 90-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply call Customer Service to return P90X within 90 days for a refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling. But keep the Ab Ripper X routine and the 3-Phase Nutrition Plan as our gift just for trying P90X.

*Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.

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