BBX Challenge: 2 Loves 1 Hate

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Since my bruised bone box jump mishap, I haven’t been doing much of the BBX Challenge. I got frustrated because a lot of the moves I couldn’t do with my shin bruised. So I stopped. I did some things here and there that felt okay, but I wasn’t working out regularly which is why I haven’t posted any recent updates about this challenge.

This week my bruise is feeling much better so I’m ready to continue tackling the program. I’m currently working on Week 7 and WOW is it tough getting back into it! I mean I’m looking forward to it and all but… here’s what I looked like post-workout and post-shower:

I managed a smile so I didn’t look like a crab ass but I was very ready for bed! I’m pretty sure I laid there for a good hour before I ventured downstairs to see the rest of the family.

Since I can’t talk about progress or workouts considering there hasn’t been much of either, I wanted to share a couple things that I’m loving about the BBX Challenge and one thing I absolutely hate. Well, for the most part, hate.


BBX Challenge: 2 Loves, 1 Hate.

Love: I love the moves in the program. I’ve learned quite a few new-to-me exercises that are really keeping things interesting for me.

Love: I’m continuing to love the circuit-style of the workouts. This makes the time fly by pretty fast.

Hate: The endurance days. I don’t like running or any other form of cardio that consists of doing the same thing for 45 minutes and seeing how far I can go. Some days I almost enjoy it but pre-workout I definitely always hate it. I just don’t look forward to running. Or even rowing for 45 solid minutes. I can appreciate that it’s in the program and it’s really only once a week, but I’m just not a fan.



I haven’t been tracking weight at all because while I’d like to lose a few pounds, my body shape is more important. I realize that muscle is more dense than fat and that my weight might not move much.

However… I have been noticing:

  • Tighter arms
  • Stronger, more defined shoulders
  • More definition in my back and legs
  • Less back pain

I wish I could share more photos but I just don’t have a great way of doing that. I should really figure something out.

That’s all for now.

Tonight we’re celebrating my husband’s big 4-0 together! It’s been a stressful day at work today (and most other recent days) so I’m taking my rest day today instead of tomorrow. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I’m looking forward to relaxing with our little, blended family tonight.

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