A Lot Can Change in 2 Weeks + Boston Thoughts ☼

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Well, I still haven’t necessarily found my metabolism, but I am getting along with it a little better now. The biggest change I’ve made? Diet. I’m not dietING, I’m just eating things that won’t stick to my insides as much. Haha. If that makes sense! I’ve been slowly cutting back on breads and cereal (yep, got semi-hooked again for a little while) and eating more protein, fruits and veggies. I’m learning to love it again. When you think about food like it is fuel for your body (to get strong, be strong and stay strong), it really helps I think.

Today’s workout (for time)

  • 45 thrusters
  • 45 push-ups (full)
  • 45 weighted crunches (10#)
  • 45 lunges

Followed by 22 minutes of punching the junk outta my bag!

weakness of attitude

Current weight: 141.6 (– 5!)

Clearly what I’ve been doing these past two weeks is working. The hard part is keeping everything in check.

School is still keeping me busy but the hard work is paying off and I’m enjoying my classes a LOT. Who knew Beachbody would’ve brought me to Liberty University? There’s no affiliation there but one of the girls in a fitness challenge of mine introduced me to the school and voila!, here I am. If it weren’t for my blog, I probably wouldn’t have gotten involved with Beachbody and if it weren’t for my husband, I wouldn’t have started this fitness blog. Funny how things come together sometimes.


What isn’t so funny is having to deal with tragedies like the one in Boston yesterday. My heart is so sad and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone dealing with injuries and/or loss of a loved one. I’m not sure what goes through some people’s minds but I do know that there is still a lot of really good people in the world. It was incredible to see so many people helping others and no doubt some of the actions from those helping in the rescue efforts yesterday saved some lives. I’ve seen so many great things in my Facebook feed about this entire thing and I wanted to share a couple of them here.

when i was a boy


Military members running in full combat gear:

army gear marathon


And I really, really loved this one:


BE a light and SHINE!!!!!!

I love this quote so much.

And I will end with this:

“Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace.”



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