8 Places to Discover Free Online Workouts

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Changing your workouts frequently can help you stay on track towards your fitness goals. When I’m doing traditional strength training exercises I generally change my routine every 4 weeks. It keeps things interesting!

So where do I find new workouts to do?

Lemme share. ;)


Do you subscribe to fitness mags? If not, you’re really missing out. Since this post talks specifically about free online workouts, you don’t have to actually subscribe to the mags to get workouts – simply visit the magazine’s official website. They always tend to feature workouts online for you to view. Some of my favorites include Muscle and Fitness Hers and Oxygen.


More and more people are adding free online workouts in the form of YouTube videos. You can find just about anything on there including yoga, strength training, pilates and cardio circuits. It’s also a great resource if you aren’t exactly sure how to perform a specific exercise because you’ll find a lot of “how to” videos as well. YouTube.com


Livestrong.com is a very informative site that contains hundreds or quite possibly thousands of articles on everything from nutrition to Pilates. I first learned about the site after writing a few articles for them myself. You can browse the “Get Fit” section and choose from things like Yoga, Strength Training, Cardio Exercises and even Stretching Exercises.


PrayFit is a unique fitness program that I’ve talked a bit about before. PrayFit is a book written by Jimmy Pena that features bodyweight exercises and short daily scriptures to help strengthen your physical and spiritual self. I have a PrayFit book review but you don’t have to buy the book to follow along. Each day on the PrayFit website, they feature a workout of the day along with a daily scripture. I don’t always do those workouts but I love getting the scriptures in my inbox every day. Makes for some good “me time“.


CrossFit is an amazing program that you can follow along with online or you can attend CrossFit classes at various gyms. They also feature a workout of the day (or “WOD”) but it’s a bit more advanced. If you’re a complete beginner, you should wait on CrossFit or be prepared to do some modified moves. If you totally love a challenge, then just jump in and go for it! They have a complete exercise guide that lists each exercise and most of them have video instruction now too.


I have found a number of workouts on Bodybuilding.com. Bodybuilding.com is where my husband and I usually purchase our supplements as well. They have great prices and super fast shipping. You can even browse workouts according to your goal (fat loss, muscle gain) or gender.

BodyRock TV.

BodyRock.tv is a unique fitness program that features free online workouts that you can do from home. Freddy and Zuzana are a married couple who post workout videos on a daily basis. Zuzana goes through the workout and then she also shows you how to perform each move. She also educates people on how to modify moves for complete beginners. Their workouts are very challenging, high in intensity but very short! The average workout is probably 12 minutes total but you’ll be amazed at the effectiveness of them.

Follow Fitness Peeps.

Another really easy way to find free online workouts is to follow other fitness peeps on Facebook and/or Twitter. Like myself. ;) I usually post about the workouts I do and many fitness models and professional athletes post their workouts as well. If you’re a Facebook or Twitter user, leverage those social media outlets to find new workouts.


Pinterest is my new favorite place to find free online workouts. Here you’ll find images and/or videos with workouts right on them and it’s so easy to “pin” them and have them at your disposal to use anytime. I’m a Pinterest fanatic! You can follow my account there – I love to “pin” all kinds of workouts.

Like this one:

30 minute hiit workout

Q. Where is your favorite place to discover new workouts?

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