7 Quick Workouts for Busy Moms (10 Minutes or Less)

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Moms! I know how tough it can be to make the time for fitness which is why I’ve rounded up some of the best quick workouts busy moms can do anywhere. If you’re a busy mom you have to make time for your workouts because you’ll never find the time. Shorter workouts make that much easier. I know how easy it is to fill every ounce of free time with something else I’d rather be doing. Like catching up on tv shows, finally sitting down to relax and watch a movie or really… taking a nap.

I’ve picked out a handful of the very best quick workouts that I’ve come across and I can’t wait to share them with you! Each of them are 10 minutes or less. You can always find at least 10 minutes to focus on you. You are important. And you have an important job.

7 Quick Workouts for Busy Moms

7 Quick Workouts for Busy Moms via LiftingMakesMeHappy.com

I’ve chosen a variety of workouts and included a little note to explain why I picked each one. I hope you find these helpful!


5 Minute Do-Anywhere Workout


There's no equipment required for this 5-minute full body workout routine.:


5 Minute Pre-Shower Workout

Most of us shower daily right? Or at least most of the days? I love the idea of a pre-shower workout. This one takes just five minutes if you go through it one time and it works your upper and lower body. My favorite move? Curtsey lunges! They are so effective.

5-Minute Pre-Shower Workout to tone the whole body:



If you like these workouts you can find more like them on my workout Pinterest boards!


10 Minute De-Stress & Stretch Workout

This list would not be complete without a stretch session. For the days when you feel so stressed it’s hard not to bang your head against the wall, it’s probably a good time to slow down and stretch out your muscles. Pigeon and child’s pose feel amazing.

A 10-Minute Workout That Will Make You Feel Totally Rejuvenated | Women's Health Magazine:



7 Minute HIIT Workout

HIIT is my favorite type of workout (other than strength training) because you get more done in less time. The intensity is supposed to be much higher than a typical workout but you also finish sooner. And you burn calories long after you’re done.

This 7-Minute Workout Targets Belly Fat #HITT:

{Source} You can also find the printable here!

5 Minute Plank Workout

My least favorite muscle group to work are abs but my favorite way to make them stronger are by using plank variations. Planks are an incredible exercise because they work your entire core along with your chest, back and butt.

7-Day Weight Loss Workout Challenge for Beginners:

Source: Pinterest

The actual Pinterest photo links to this 7 Day Weight Loss Challenge with even more workouts!


10 Minute Butt Workout

If you’d like to build your butt a bit nothing will lift it faster than these exercises. Sprinting is also a good one but I hate running and stick to workouts like this one. Lunges and fire hydrants really make the butt burn!

10 minute - butt workout More:



10 Minute Abs: Crush Your Core

And finally another core workout. I chose this one because it includes all kinds of other ab moves besides planks. I love the addition of the mountain climbers because they’re good for your abs and they get your heart racing too! Racing heart = more calories burned.

Freestyle Friday: This 10-Minute Ab Workout Will Rock Your Core!:


So there you have it! Seven different types of super quick workouts that can be done in 10 minutes or less. Most of these workouts you can do anywhere too – you don’t even need a gym.

As you get stronger be sure to add in some dumbbells (or a barbell) to stay challenged and create change in your body.

If you found these workouts helpful please spread the word!

Quick Workouts for Busy Moms via LiftingMakesMeHappy.com

If you wanna see more workouts like these you might like a few of my Pinterest boards:

I appreciate you.

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