48 What? Plus Quickie Cardio and Fingerpaint!

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I love humidity, don’t you? I shouldn’t complain since I usually experience six months of winter but the stickiness is getting kinda old now. Although…when it’s humid, I sweat a lot more and it makes me feel like I’m doing awesome during workouts. Haha!

First I did my push-ups. I’m really starting to love these! It’s so much more fun when you are actually strong enough to do them. The full ones! And the neat thing? Your body really does get strong quickly if you stay consistent.

Push-up Challenge

I’m now in Week 2 of the Hundred Push-ups Challenge and I’m still doing pretty well. I’m glad I did the Week 1, Day 3 workout two times though. Otherwise there’s no way I would’ve been ready for this workout – it only gets tougher each day.

Here’s how I did:

pushups challenge

48 push-ups! That’s two more than the last workout so yay!

{then my brain started telling me I should go for a run..}

Quick Cardio Workout

After push-ups I did a quick treadmill workout after one of the kids asked, “Mom, when are you gonna run?!” It’s nice having that extra accountability sometimes.

After running 2.5 miles yesterday, all I wanted to do today was run one mile as fast as my legs would carry me. To make it more challenging, it was all at 10% incline.

Total time: 9:34. For somebody who hasn’t been running much, I was happy with that!

After showering all the ick off, it was time to do what the kids wanted to do:



If you’ve read my 101 in 1001 list, you know one of my goals is to complete a Wreck this Journal. Well I just got mine yesterday and I’m having a blast with it. It’s easily one of the best things ever. And hard to put down.

Here’s what I did while the kids painted their masterpieces:

wreck this journal handprint

I’m not sure I’m totally finished with the page yet, but that’s what I’ve got so far.

The kids are seriously fascinated by this thing. And they think it’s pretty funny that I’m messing up the pages. ;)

You’re never too old or too cool to fingerpaint!

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