21 Day Fix: Upper Fix Workout Review + New Puppy Pic!

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For this week’s Workout Wednesday I had to spotlight a workout from the new program I just started which is 21 Day Fix! By the time this post goes live I will have finished my third day and therefore third workout of this 21 day program.

Before I get into that though I have to share a picture of our newest member of the fam:

olde english bulldogge puppy

This is Bella! She is an 8-week-old Olde English Bulldog puppy and a complete handful! Lookit that face. We picked her up on Saturday and have been exhausted ever since. She is already doing pretty well with potty training – despite this frigid winter we’re having. Potty training a puppy in the wintertime is a challenge but I’m very excited about the progress she’s making. She’s such a joy! <3 I apologize ahead of time for sharing a lot of pics (and hopefully videos too) of her sweet, playful self.


As promised, I plan to review each 21 Day Fix workout separately on the blog, beginning first with my day 2 workout. Why? Because on day one I did the wrong one. Oops! I had left the schedule up in my bedroom where our new puppy was sleeping and didn’t want to go back to disturb her so I took a gamble and guessed. So for this first week I’ll just swap those two workouts and then get it straight next week. I like to include reviews because I always find them to be helpful. I got a lot of great feedback from the single Les Mills Pump workout reviews so I hope the 21 Day Fix reviews are helpful and received just as well.

21 Day Fix: Upper Fix

21 day fix review upper fix

As far as I can tell after three days of 21 Day Fix workouts is that Autumn (the trainer) has put together a program that is basically based on the drop set principle. She wants you to perform each exercise for 1 minute. She says you can do anything for 60 seconds! Well I don’t know about that…haha! Anyway, she tells you when to grab a lighter or heavier weight based on the exercise coming up and she’ll tell you to not stop. If you get tired she tells you to rest for a second or two and get back into it OR grab a lighter weight and just keep going. It’s a great technique that really burns your muscles out. I was sore the day after the cardio workout and I’m even more sore today after doing the Upper Fix workout yesterday. Changes are happening!

Verdict: Love!

I gotta say, it’s really nice to be on a structured workout schedule again. I love a variety of workouts but home DVD workouts make it easier for me to stick to. I guess I just like knowing exactly what I’ll be doing each day and it’s nice to have a trainer there to encourage me along the way.

My perfect storm for workouts: structured program + my own workout playlists!

What I liked:

  • 60 seconds of work followed by 15-20 seconds of rest (Upper Fix is basically cardio + strength training at the same time because your heart rate stays elevated throughout the workout)
  • punching with dumbbells in my hands (makes me feel powerful, heh. heh.)
  • simple moves! (NOT easy; simple)
  • the focus on abs (It’s easy for me to skip ab work but in 21 Day Fix Autumn has included several, dare I say “fun” exercises that engage the abs without the usual crunch or sit-up)
  • the modifier (and yes, I totally needed her at times)
  • how Autumn would tell you how to simplify a move OR make it more challenging based on your fitness level
  • Autumn’s encouragement. Performing an exercise for 60 seconds isn’t always easy (and it shouldn’t be if you’re pushing yourself!) and I felt like she was great at encouraging you to keep pushing to the end and reminding us to think about our goals and remember why we wanted to do this program in the first place.
  • the fact that my shoulders, arms, chest and back were completely burned out by the end

What I didn’t like: 

  • I’ll have to get real nit-picky here and just say that I didn’t like the circle crunches. They’re awesome and effective but I still dont’t hafta like ’em!
  • the music. I know this isn’t a huge deal but I was spoiled with the awesome music in the Les Mills Pump program. However, I DO like that I can follow this workout while listening to my own workout playlists blasted if I wanted to.

Overall, I completely loved the Upper Fix workout and look forward to trying more workouts from the 21 Day Fix program.


I hope you’re having an amazing Wednesday!

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