16 Green Drinks to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (10 alcoholic, 6 non-alcoholic)

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To help make your St. Patrick’s Day celebration a bit more festive and fun I’ve rounded up a pretty big list of green drinks and I’ve included both alcoholic and  non-alcoholic drinks so there is something for everyone – even the kids!

Green Drinks with Alcohol

10 Alcoholic Green Drinks - via LiftingMakesMeHappy.com


  • Shamrock Juice Cocktail.

This thing looks amazing. It’s mostly a pretty emerald green with a hint of blue at the bottom of the drink – makes me think of a dragon for some reason? This version is a little less potent than the original but it still contains a full 2 ounces of liquor along with the sweetness of orange juice.

-via Mix That Drink


  • Emerald Rain.

Emerald Rain with Hpnotiq is also mixed with orange juice. Vodka can be added to make it stronger or left out. It’s recommended to substitute sparkling water with the vodka for a weaker, more bubbly drink.

-via Mix That Drink


  • Irish Flag.

If you’re Irish and you’re looking for a shot it doesn’t get any better than the Irish Flag. This recipe calls for a tall shooter and features Baileys Irish Creme. The end result is a colorful tower of green, white and gold.

-via Drinked In


  • Grasshopper Martini.

If you like your drinks on the sweet side this Grasshopper Martini might be for you. It seems a little too sweet for me but I do love mint and chocolate! And it definitely looks pretty with those chocolate syrup swirls.

-via Drinked In


  • Green Dragon.

Peach Schnapps along with some pineapple juice and orange juice sounded pretty good to me! This drink is a brighter green and the color gets lighter as you go up the glass.

-via Magical Recipes


  • Green Apple Jolly Rancher Cocktail.

Have you ever wanted to drink Jolly Ranchers juice? Well now you can. Crown Royal Whiskey and Midori pack a punch in this festive drink! It says it tastes just like the candy so it has to be good.

-via Snapguide


  • Green Apple Ginger Martini

If you love martinis this super simple, printable recipe uses ginger-infused vodka combined with tart green apple for a delicious combination of flavors. It creates a pretty light green color too.

-via Gourmande in the Kitchen


  • Jameson Jello Shots

While not technically a green “drink”, these are green and they do have alcohol and they’re Jell-o shots! These aren’t quite as easy as slapping some of these drinks together but I think they’d be worth a little extra work. Made with Jameson Irish Whiskey these are the real deal and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Or any other day really.

-via Sugar and Charm


  • Green Bloody Mary

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a good bloody Mary. This recipe is a little more involved than your traditional bloody mary recipe. This recipe doesn’t call to add any liquor (vodka) at all but I’m assuming you could pretty easily. *Pour vodka into glass*

-via Garden and Gun


  • Lucky Charms Rainbow Vodka.

I think most of us know by now that the marshmallows are the best thing about Lucky Charms. Have you ever thought about vodka-infused Lucky Charms? Because it’s a thing. If you make shots with each color you get a fun rainbow of shots to share!

-via Tablespoon




Non-Alcoholic Green Drinks

6 Non-Alcoholic Green Drinks via LiftingMakesMeHappy.com

I could not complete this post without also including non-alcholic green drinks because not everyone is a fan of alcohol and this lets the kids get in on the action too!

  • Ginger and Mint Lime Float.

This refreshing green drink combines sherbet and club soda! This reminds of my childhood days when we’d have birthday parties. My mom would always make sherbet punch. This one is a fun twist!

-via Inspired by Charm


  • Lime Sherbet Party Punch.

Here’s what I’m talking about! This is pretty much exactly the sherbet punch my mom used to make! This drink is so easy and the printable recipe makes several servings considering it uses two 2-liter bottles of pop. Party punch is a perfect, family friendly way to enjoy green drinks together on St. Patrick’s Day.

-via The Frugal Girls


  • Green Tea Mojito Mocktail.

If you love mint and tea you can’t go wrong with a green tea mojito!

-via Deja Vu Recipes


  • Lemon Pineapple Kiwi Mocktail.

This is another super light refreshing beverage that’s green, non-alocholic and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Or whenever! The photos are gorgeous and the recipe gets 5* reviews. It makes sense because how can you go wrong with lemon, pineapple and kiwi?

-via Physical Kitchness


  • Copycat Starbucks Green Tea Latte.

After doing my research for this post I realized that a lot of green drinks use green tea. Kiiiind of like this one. It’s different than the mojito though, I promise. This recipe calls for vanilla syrup, along with just three other ingredients.

-via The Jenny Evolution


  • St. Patrick-tini.

Here’s another festive mocktail recipe that’s a must try. It uses Jell-o and ice cream so it’s very kid-friendly too!

-via Anders Ruff


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


16 Green Drinks to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day (Alcoholic & Non) via LiftingMakesMeHappy.com

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