11+ Affordable DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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If you’re anything like Roger and I you don’t really feel the need to go all out and spend a fortune on each other for Valentine’s Day. The jewelry commercials usually make me cringe and Lord knows they play enough of them around any holiday. The truth is, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to show your love for one another. We have always kept it simple and we love it that way. I always think it’s the little things we do for each other that matter most.

To help you get your creative juices flowing, I have compiled over 11 affordable DIY Valentine’s gift ideas to share with the people you love. Jewelry is nice and it sparkles and all, but homemade things are even sweeter.

*Pssst… you don’t even need to wait for Valentine’s Day to give these gifts. Many of them would be perfect any time of year.

Affordable DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - via LiftingMakesMeHappy.com

*I decided on 11+ because I keep finding more fun things to add here. :)

  • Make a Valentine’s-inspired breakfast.

Here are a few that stood out to me:

heart shaped pancakes

*Links should open in new tabs for you. :)

  • Puzzle heart wreath.

I really wish I had an eye for this kind of stuff. This seems like such a simple idea but I would’ve never thought to do this with puzzle pieces! If you don’t have a puzzle lying around just pick one up that contains around 100 pieces. This would make a great gift idea for a partner or one of your girlfriends and it’s something that can easily be displayed year-round.

puzzle heart wreath


  • A heart-shaped cake.

This is so much easier than it looks! I actually made the cake pictured here three years ago for Miss G’s birthday and she loved it!


I didn’t have a cake plate or stand large enough for this baby so I had to improvise. I wrapped a piece of cardboard with ribbon and pink zebra duct tape and then covered it with a layer of parchment paper I think? You could easily decorate it in a Valentinesy way by using pinks, reds and white for your frosting and sprinkles. If you like the number stenciled in, you could make it seem less birthday-ish by stenciling a word or message on there instead. :)

  • Valentine edible box of matches.

This is such a clever idea!

Perfect Match Valentine's Edible Box of Matches Gift Idea via The36thAvenue.com

You can view the source and grab the printable along with instructions here. There are tons of other really cute ideas you’ll find there too!

  • A snow heart.

This one is FREE y’all. You just need some snow and a finger. Roger actually did this to my windshield on a snowy December day while we were at work. You could also write a message in the snow somewhere in your yard that is visible when looking out a certain window. Then be sure to take a photo!

december snow heart

If you’re in the south and snow is not available you could try sand? Or fake snow!

  • A homemade card.

I think homemade cards are the best. If you don’t have super awesome poetic or drawing skills, no worries. You don’t have to get real fancy with this for it to be special. Roger has made a few for me over the years and they’re always better than any card he could ever buy.

roses are red valentines card

*You have to click over to thedatingdivas.com to see the inside (along with more DIY card ideas)!

  • Open when… letters.

If you peruse Pinterest at all you’ve probably seen this idea floating around but I love that the blogger behind these particular letters lets you in on ideas of what she actually put into each of hers. There’s a good mix of funny and sweet!

open when letters

  • Post-Its galore.

There are so many things you can do with these! On each Post-It you can write down one thing you love about them. You could get pretty creative with this! ;) If you don’t have Post-Its you can always write a message on the mirror in lipstick or dry erase markers instead. A handwritten invitation to dinner with time and place (at home or not!) is just one idea.

Post Its


post its notes


If you want to take it a step further… stick some all over the inside of their car! Who wouldn’t wanna open their car door and see that? Personally, I’d leave ’em all there until they fell off. Wouldn’t it be fun to drive around like that? I’d have a huge grin on my face the entire time! That doesn’t always happen while driving…

post it notes car

  • A memory jar.

If you’re a ticket collector like I am this is a super cute way to display them. This can work even if you don’t have enough ticket stubs to fill the jar. You can add the ones you have and then keep adding stubs as you accumulate them together. It’s so much better than storing them all in a box or drawer, right? You could also sneak in some little notes you write to each other. It makes a really sweet home decor piece.

memory jar


  • One year of dates – all pre-planned!

I think this is a really great idea for couples – especially if you have kids. Sometimes we tend to forget to “date” our spouses or partners because things are so busy with work, preparing meals, kids, homework, etc. This gift keeps on giving throughout the year and reminds you to take the time to do things together – just the two of you. Katelyn even gives plenty of ideas including the ones she used for the package that she made.

one year of dates


  • A date jar.

Another twist on the dating idea is a date jar. This is really great for indecisive people. You know, like Roger and I.

R: “What do you wanna do?”

M: “I dunno? What do you wanna do?”

R: “I dunno? Are you hungry?”

M: “Yeah”

R: “Where do you wanna get food?”

M: “I dunno?”

There are tons of variations of these that you could do. You could do cheap dates, at-home dates, seasonal dates, expensive dates and/or a combination of all of those and more! This is just another way to remind you and your special someone to keep dating! Some people color-code the date ideas depending on the price, type of date and/or amount of planning required.

date night jar

I love that this one (created by Tameca – AKA “Sunshine”) uses colored popsicle sticks! I didn’t even know they existed and I LOVE.

Oh and just in case, here’s a list of “manly ideas” I came across that may come in handy! It’s good.

  • Peanut Butter Dog Treat Hearts.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people you know. Our pets are a huge part of our lives and they deserve some pampering too! These peanut butter dog heart treats are quick and easy to make and I bet your furry friend will love you for it. You could even make them today in honor of National Peanut Butter Day. :)

peanut butter dog treat hearts


Zuki doesn’t seem to care for peanut butter so I might have to find something else for him. He’s a very picky 6-year-old!

  • Valentine’s day care package for your soldier.

I really love this idea and I actually did this for a cousin of mine while she was serving overseas.

Valentine's Day Care Package - via HappyFitNavyWife.com

Be sure to visit HappyFitNavyWife.com to get ideas and themes to help you decide what to include in the care package. Love her ideas.


I hope you enjoy these DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas as much as I do. I had so much fun putting this together!

11 affordable diy valentines day gift ideas

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